TJ, Melvin or Scotty? Who was on the list? love to hear some follow up on this from Dudley or others

If we were involved I’m incredibly disappointed with the lack of success we garnered

Maybe I’m not reading it right, but it looks like to me these schools were contacted but they did not pursue it. They did not show up for the meeting they were invited to.

What are y’all talking about? Because someone WANTED to meet with me, I’m guilty of doing wrong? Is this the implication being made?

I think this is correct. I’d be interested in learning who they wanted to chat with

Why would you be interested? I guess so you could congratulate them for being honest and upright for telling them to bug off and that Arkansas doesn’t cheat.

We didn’t cheat. The confirmation is in the tweet. ghg

Because I like college basketball and Arkansas basketball and some guy thought he could buy off one of our assistants. Excuse me for having a curious mind. I’m sure there are things you find amusing that I don’t care about. But when you post about those I’ll be sure to not prance around peacocking and questioning what drives your curiosity.

Lol at the OP. You’ll probably get more traffic on TOS.

Agree also here.
Says a lot about the former (MA’s) staff that they never brought this up to use as a bargaining tool when they knew their seats were hot.

They did not cheat to the best of my knowledge.

I have talked to Christian Dawkins numerous times over the years.

I didn’t cheat either…or get paid for that matter.

Yeah right. :roll: You made your reason for the post crystal clear in your snarky 2nd sentence. “If we were involved I’m incredibly disappointed with the lack of success we garnered”

Dudley, In your discussions with Dawkins did he ever mention he wanted to meet with AR Coaches for any reason?

( We know you don’t cheat or take money under the table )


It was usually about high school players from Arkansas.

I’ve had plenty of discussions over the past 30 years with head coaches, assistant coaches, handlers and runners about talent in Arkansas.

Thanks Dudley
Another question,
Does Dawkins give you the impression of being a little shady or no?

Oh, yes.

How many more out there give you those same feelings? Is it like ESPN says (everyone does it, just some are smart enough not to get caught)? Your thoughts on the whole scandal, how bad is it? And do you think the NCAA will actually do something?