TJ Hammonds

How wonderful it was to see TJ with big plays in the game.

Good for him.

It was indeed good to see Right Way Hammonds make a acouple of big plays. Perhaps getting the ball in his hands in a more direct way is the way to go with TJ. No more triple reverse double pass, half gainers from the pike position for TJ please.

He was on fire. Wish he would have stayed in. Finish that drive and we win.

With 8 minutes to go in the game, I think he could have at least done as good as 3 QB runs.

This not a knock against Franks, he tried to get every yard possible.

Just don’t understand 3 QB runs with 8 minutes to go in the game.

Hammonds tapped out and Smith couldn’t keep his footing all day. Not having a better mudder really hurt us today, too.

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