TJ Hammonds

Expecting TJ to rejoin the team soon.

Great news! Never have enough good running backs! :slight_smile:

sweet, that’s great news

What is the significance of May 13th?

First Monday after the spring semester, I would imagine it would be the first date to be eligible again after academic probation.

May 13 is the day the first summer intersession begins.

Great news! We need TJ…

Glad he’s back.

Good for him.

Maybe he can get healed up fully and finally get a good, full year in

Great news ! I feel like TJ’s best football continues to be ahead of him, we need to see him be consistent with the play he has only showed us flashes of up to this point. WPS

Fantastic to see!

Good for TJ and our team.

Nice to see the leadership from Scoota publicly calling Hammonds out on Twitter telling him to come back with his head on straight this time.

We need him and others to get in some grills when needed - team leadership the last few years has, from the outside looking in, been lacking.

Good for him to put in the academic work required and he should be healthy now. It’s time to put in the work on the field.
Good luck TJ and welcome back.

Will TJ be a junior this fall?