TJ Hammonds

I’m not smart enough to know who he would replace, or where it would be, but somehow we need to get him the ball more.

As much as I love what we got with Whaley and Williams, they couldn’t have bounced that play outside like TJ did. The aforementioned W&W boys are great between the tackles and dragging guys for a couple extra yards. TJ has some Gary Anderson jets and shiftiness.

I like that idea, too. But, I will say the play that was called back because of penalty showed why he may not get so many carries. The ball was well away from his body, asking for someone to slap it away. Ball security is his issue. Bielema has mentioned it. He must get that corrected.

I saw that too, and thought, “please do not fumble”. I loved his moves, but ball security is far more important. I bet they are working hard on that.

Players like him in HS get away with that and are probably just a little quicker waving that ball around for balance (I guess), but that will not work in the SEC. They are just as fast as you and they will take the ball.

What good is a 20 yd play if you don’t have the ball when it is over? A punt is better than that.

He badly needs to look at the film and contrast how he carried the ball with how Devwah and Rawleigh carry it if he wants to know why he is number three on the depth chart. We definitely could use his speed and agility but not his “turnover waiting to happen” running style.

I think he gets extensive work during bowl prep and spring and becomes a deadly replacement for Drew Morgan. He and Deon Stewart are going to add a gear to our jet sweep plays.

Even with my low football IQ, I knew that his carry style was a fumble waiting to happen. That looked about like a half point of pressure.

With Devwah coming hard, I also see TJ as a good fit for wide receiver next year, gonna be some spots open, with Jared Cornelius being the only significant returnee.

He needs more carries at least 5-8 touches…

The next 3 games will give him a chance to improve his ball security, so I expect that he will get some chances against Misstake and Mizzery. He has to get his head right and recognize he has to be a complete player to get more playing time.

I’ve been saying all along that TJ will ultimately play a hybrid “wingback” role (some of the older readers will remember Harry Jones) - someone who gets 3-5 carries a game, but also catches 2 or 3 passes and maybe returns a punt or two. Percy Harvin, for you younger fans.

That was some of the worst ball security I’ve seen in a long time.

Has he actually fumbled yet…because he brings something at that spot that no one else on our team does. I also would keep him at RB and let him be a change of pace guy. When our O Line has trouble blocking, he is quick and shifty enough to still make positive yards. I love his game…but he can’t start fumbling. I will agree with that premise.

I believe that was only his second or third carry from scrimmage so far this year so - no, he’s not fumbled in a game.

But, clearly, he has in practices. That’s why he hasn’t had more carries in real games.

Hopefully, that problem is diminishing and we will see more from him.

Devwah showed quite a burst

Matt Jones used to get away with it most of the time. Scared the hell out of all of us every time he ran it.

Yes, Devwah has a nice burst when he clears the line. I also, hope some of the “RW3 just can’t take it to the house” posters noticed his 40 yard TD run. The 5-star FL DB chasing him didn’t make up a step on him. Dove for him at the 10, but didn’t get him. RW3 also has a nice burst when he clears the line, as evidenced by that run.


Matt Jones used to get away with it most of the time. Scared the hell out of all of us every time he ran it.

Except that Matt Jones was faster than nearly everyone in the SEC (at that time) too.

T.J. Hammonds has carried the ball 10 times this season for 46 yards with a long of 15 while playing in five games

And Matt was a deceptive runner. Those long strides made him look as though he were running slower than he was.

I thought of Matt when I typed that. Started to say something about it.

Harry Jones-Please let it be so! Now that would be so special. I don’t know that much about #6, but if is what Harry was, then OMG, we are in for a real fun ride, but he must secure that ball.