TJ Hammonds

Hope he can stay healthy and we can finally find him a role. More touches…, seems they have talked about this before.

Just got him keep him going. He’s had knee injuries, foot injuries, ankle injuries, hamstring injuries. He’s a player. He just needs to stay on the practice field and be healthy for game time. … -rotation/

I’m curious, does anyone have a link to the video of Hayden’s tackle that caused his injury? Was it a horse collar tackle? Asking because I didn’t get to see the replay and am interested in what others think, thank you.

If you’re talking about the most recent injury, Bielema said that happened in practice a couple of Wednesdays back.

Sorry Matt, I am talking about Hayden’s injury. I’ve been traveling a lot this Fall and “these injuries are coming at me so fast…” :wink:

Thank you Matt.

Oh, I did not read your post carefully enough. Someone said they saw Chase limp off the field after he was hurt. I never saw the replay.

Here is the play. It looks like his ankle might have twisted as he was being brought down from behind, but it is a clean tackle.

(Written before Matt’s post)

Understood. I will look it up later when I have the time and will post it. I do remember it being said that he was tackled from behind and I was curious how close to a horse collar tackle this was and if so, why wasn’t it called. It seems every year that we play Auburn, that we lose a major player due to an illegal or overly aggressive tackle.

(Written in response to Matt’s post with video link)

Copy that Matt. Thank you for that link and feedback. Greatly appreciated.