TJ Hammonds

Being reported elsewhere he’s out with a knee injury
That’s not good

Heard whispers about it last night. Was told he’ll have a scope and could miss a game or two. Obviously he had the meniscus last year and made it back in time for the opener.

Please not TJ

The injury bug is rearing his ugly head once again, depth is the only defense against the bug ! Hope to see TJ by TCU matchup. WPS

More on the injury from Tom: … ning-camp/

Man, hope our luck takes a turn for the better.

If this team (and head coach) has any chance of doing well, we need a season without many injuries. A zero-injury season is probably too much to ask, but it’d be nice if we have only a few.

Out 4 to 6 weeks surgery was done on his knee! The story was on SEC country!
I hope the young man isn’t rushed back and is healthy before he takes the field again.
The injury bug needs to stay clear for our hogs to have a good season.

The story was on here by Bob Holt. SEC Country had him out indefinitely while everyone else said 4-5 weeks, they’ve now changed their tune.