TJ Hammonds

I had hoped TJ Hammonds would emerge as a RB/slot receiver that would cause worry for defensive schemes and add speed to our offense. What has happened in his development? I know he had an issue with his knee, but also understood he’s ready to go. Why not allow him in the game other than as someone instructed to faircatch punts?

Do we expect him to play against A&M? Don’t we need his speed and agility?

It’s still early for him and Devwah.

For T.J. specifically, he’s made quite a leap in terms of competition. I watched him and Pulaski Robinson struggle and ultimately lose to Pea Ridge in the 4A playoffs up in Northwest Arkansas last year.

I think they like him a lot moving forward as a change-of-pace guy like you’re talking about. He’s got good feet and is shifty. I don’t think it’s out of the question to expect him to play more as the season goes along, but there are only so many reps and they’re loaded at WR with Rawleigh handling most of the RB workload so far.

I do think Devwah will begin playing a bigger role, but if Rawleigh is getting 20-22 carries, Devwah 8-12 and Kody 4-6, that doesn’t leave a lot left over for T.J. I wonder if Kody begins to get phased out of non-short yardage carries as the season moves along. Maybe that opens the door for some PT for T.J.

That will probably depend on how quickly TJ picks up the various pass blocking assignments that running backs must handle.

Yup. Same as with Devwah. Reggie liked how he handled pass pro during practice, which allowed him to stay on the field more Saturday as opposed to just being out there to run.

and slot receiver is out of the question due to our pass protection at present?

To play him in the slot means pulling Morgan out. Or Cornelius. No thanks. Those guys are super productive upper classmen and I don’t think you sit them to play a frosh.


If TJ’s really 100% healthy, I wish they’d give him a shot at Kick-off Returner. Reed hasn’t shown a propensity to look for and hit the holes in the first wave of tacklers and blockers at full speed. It’s like he’s tip-toeing up to the first wave looking for a hole.

I like Cornelius at PR. Very glad he’s back for the A&M game.

I’ve never considered myself someone who can properly evaluate the relative talents of a player. Most on this board are better equiped to make such a call. However, I am completely confident the people in the best position to know who should play, how much they should play, at what position they should play are the coaches.

A bunch of people are assuming that there are holes on kickoff returns that Reed isn’t hitting. I’m not seeing any holes for him to hit. The blocking on KOR has not been good at all. There was one return Saturday where there were about six white jerseys inside our 20, no one there blocking them and Reed trying to find somewhere to go.

Yeah, not a lot of room. Bielema said today Hatcher missed an assignment on one play and attributed some of the struggles to changing personnel, Khalia Hackett not being on special teams (or in the game) Saturday among the big changes he noted. That led to a question about Khalia’s status, which led to the reveal about him not being on the A&M travel roster as of right now.

Reed might look tentative on kickoff returns because he can’t see an open lane. Once again unimpressed with Arkansas’s “care factor” about special teams. It has to come from the top, or it won’t happen.


I don’t know if we aren’t spending time on it, or what.

Here is hoping A&M only kicks off one time this week!

I vote for twice.

We win the toss, and take the ball. Second half, the Aggies choose to take advantage of the wind, so we get the ball again.

Hey . . . these are the AGGIES we’re talking about . . . :wink:

You may actually see Aggies throw something up to see which way the wind is blowing inside Jerry World. It can happen. Over and over.

:o With your permission, I will copy your words and use it to reply to a so called expert evaluator post every week for the rest of the season!

It would seem the smart thing for TJ would be to red shirt. Why waste a year for 2 or 3 carries a game in half the games.

He played Saturday, returning punts. It looks as though he said Adios to the redshirt.

Looks like the only quality special team members are the long snapper and the punter. :roll:

He could suffer a back injury. ;). Medical redshirt.