TJ Hammonds has a slight meniscus tear

Here is an update from Bret Bielema on injuries for Hammonds, Dominique Reed and Kody Walker. … scus-tear/

Oh no. Hammonds with a knee, Walker already in a walking boot, and Reed with an akle (WR’s with ankle or foot injuries again?), I sure hope this is not a forecast of things to come. We do not need injuries this year, especially on offense.

Major bummer about Hammonds. I really had a feeling he would make a huge contribution this year. He may fall so behind now they feel compelled to redshirt him. On the other hand, with RB stacked, it might benefit the program more for him to redshirt.

I think Kody will be back and fine. I hate the way he seems snakebit with injuries though.

With Hammonds possibly out of the picture…I can easily see a 3-headed TB rotation…which Coach B loves…with Kody, Rawleigh, and Devwah. I don’t see Duwop in that rotation.
Next season add Hammonds with Cody gone.

Prediction: don’t be shocked if Devwah Whaley leads the Hogs in rushing for the next 3 years in a row. I think Rawleigh gets the most carries this year…barely…but Devwah gains the most yardage.

I could be very wrong, but I thought this would be the only year Hammonds would play running back much. I figured after they get the 2 guys from the next class, Hammonds could move out to the slot or any reciver position, which may better suit him. Plus, we will be losing a lot of receivers and he will be needed. I see the future at RBU as Williams III, Whaley, Hayden/Williams fighting for the third spot. If Hammonds is ever needed he will know the plays and plug him in. Hate he was hurt and hope he recovers well!

Hate to hear this. Get well soon T. J., we need you.

And if Whaley or Williams goes down, we’re done, toast. No 1000 yd.rusher to back either of them up like last year. Embrace 5-7

Now officially very concerned.

We have Walker who has been hurt more than healthy in his career and evidently in a boot now with season around corner. I doubt we see him much this season im afraid.

Williams coming off serious neck thing which who knows If one stinger away from retirement from college ball.

Whaley is a true freshman.

Our only other running back in TJ is likely red shirt now.

We have two fragile backs and an 18 year old,

I’m officially worried (sorry just not seeing sunshine now and please don’t tell me journeyman duwop, despite being great kid, is anywhere close to all American and enough to win Sec which is a goal in year four).
Hoping for some sunshine and perspective but seems we are walking very fine line at moment.

Perspective? Most teams aren’t 5-deep at RB and you are describing the very worst possible scenario. While not ideal we played our best FB last year when we were only 2-deep at RB.

If necessary Hammonds will be available early in the season. With the 4 we have right now he should be able to redshirt.

Hope you are right but I can’t count duwop as a true sec running back.

That leaves 3 options.

One of whom was thought to have such a severe neck injury that his spine was in question last time he played a game.

Other is a sixth year senior with more injuries than some teams - and is evidently in a boot in mid August.

Our best option is a very talented rb who is a true freshman.
I think he will one day be all american but he may be asked to be that in first year.

If Williams is ok after a few games of contact we might have him and walley and two may not be enough to make the Sec season - but praying those two stay healthy

Hammonds has never been mentioned as being counted on to be a 20 carry a game back on a regular basis. His injury subtracts the limited stuff in the offense that his freshman brain could handle which would best use his skill set. Whaley and Williams are the two feature backs, with Walker getting his carries around the goal line and as a power change of pace. While Hammonds is out, Mitchell gets some of those touches.

Plus Enos has shown that he likes to give two or three of the WRs the odd carry, depending on how the opposition schemes us, and the fullback may actually get to carry the ball once in a while now with the talent upgrade there.

So its unfortunate that a really promising young player is on the shelf for a while, but the offense still has plenty of talent to move the ball on the ground, probably more than we had a great deal of the time last year.

The tough decision for the staff will be what to do with Hammonds if he misses more than a game or two. If he can’t come back until, say the end of September, they may be tempted to redshirt him if the offense is making good progress. My guess(and I don’t even play a doctor on TV) is that he is ready for some work by the week of the TCU game at the latest, though he may not get much game action until Texas State. Hopefully we then get to see if he will be as dangerous a weapon in college as he was in high school.

It was never guaranteed that Hammonds was going to play this year. He was a redshirt candidate before the injury because of the number of players in front of him. He can return from a meniscus injury in a relatively short time if he’s needed.

Count me in with the group who is concerned about RB; we aren’t LSU and can handle 4 injuries to our backs; and I don’t think we can move Ramsey to RB:)

Really sad to hear Walker has reinjured his foot; I can’t imagine he can be 50% healthy during the season.

The one position where we could ill afford an injury…One thing is for sure, anytime a RB gets the ball, he gets hit and gets hit hard making RB’s even more vulnerable to injury. A frosh & a 6th yr, oft injured RB,… does not look good. Plus, an untested QB. I’m praying for a bowl/…

TJ will be back on the practice field by game week. A slight meniscus tear repair is child’s play these days. I’m an old, fat guy and after the last meniscus clean-up I had required 3 physical therapy sessions. I actually threw batting practice for the team I coached the morning after surgery. They’ll take it slow with him; I’m sure, but the incisions healing up is the biggest thing with that procedure.

Kody Walker is fine. Wearing a boot for a sore foot is pretty common. He would play if it was game week. T.J. Hammonds was not to the point where they would play him this year. He will continue to develop and could be used if needed. He’s not done by any stretch. So they have lost no running backs and they feel like questions have been answered about Rawleigh and Devwah. The sky is not falling as far as I can tell. You guys can be amusing at times. This is one of those times. Don’t worry about running backs. I’m actually pumped about that position, more than I was. Seeing Whaley and Williams run Saturday was a special treat.