TJ and ball security

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy who is yet to cough up his first fumble in a game inspire so much fear in his own fans every time he touches the ball. I know I held my breath every time he was dancing in space while the ball appeared to be somewhere on the other side of the campus. There is no doubt the guy is an electric playmaker and can matriculate the ball down the field with the best of them. With visions of Drew Morgan being stripped of the ball inches away from the goal line however, I’m more inclined to favor tuckers over YACers. I’m sure that has been and will be a major focus with his coaches this Spring. That is one item I will be very interested in hearing about in today’s scrimmage. I would imagine the ball flailing is very instinctive and hard to get out of a player when his focus is on going all the way on every touch.

It’s been addressed by the head coach. Very much was something that got heavy work in bowl practices.

No way he can be allowed to carry the ball if he continues to carry it like that in the SEC. What good is a nice gain if you don’t have the ball at the end of the play?

Is that string still around? I really liked that drill.