Tix for UAPB in LR - ticket office hasn’t sent them out

Called a few weeks ago to ask when they’d be sent out because I have to sell ours due to conflicts that weekend. At that point, I was told they were going out the following week.

Three weeks later and no tix, so I called back today. Was told they still haven’t gone out, and they didn’t know exactly when but would be “shortly”.

I asked if they were being sent US Postal Service or UPS/FedEx and they responded postal service.

Anyone else asked the ticket office about these?

Only that they would be mailed out, I didn’t expect them until next week some time.

I live in LR so I originally planned to attend this game. Unfortunately, it falls on a weekend I have to be out-of-state, so I guess I’ll have to miss it. I don’t really expect it to be much of a game, but if I were in town, I’d go.

I’m curious about what the attendance will be. I hope it approaches 50k, but I kinda doubt it’ll be that many.

I bought 8 extra tickets for service members for $25 each. I encourage all that can, do the same. I have tickets, but doubt I’ll be able to go as my oldest has a party for his upcoming wedding. I’m waiting to see what the game time is before deciding.


I would think if we beat Ole Miss and Auburn it will be a sell out. Surely.

Yeah, if we are 6-1 going into that game, a lot of people who don’t otherwise get to will want to see us. I could see that happening under that scenario. I’m not certain it would, but I could see it.

There is no way to know until next week, but I’m expecting it to be the 3 p.m. game on SEC Network. That is where the SEC traditionally puts these types of games so as not to draw eyes away from CBS.

Yeah, about the only way I was going to be able to go was if it was another 11AM start, hopefully the service people use their tickets.

Tickets were mailed yesterday.

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