Title IX proportionality at UA

Since we were discussing in the “Iowa cuts four sports” thread what Title IX requires, I decided to look at the scholarship numbers for UA, assuming we max out scholarships in every sport.

Men’s sports:
Baseball 11.7
Hoops 13
Track/XC 12.6
Football 85
Golf 4.5
Tennis 4.5
Total 131.3

Women’s sports:
Hoops 15
Track/XC 18
Golf 6
Gymnastics 12
Soccer 9.9
Softball 14
Swimming 14
Tennis 8
Volleyball 12
Total 120.9

For most sports scholies can be split up, so the number of athletes on scholarship is far higher than 131/120. The sports that can’t be split are football, men’s and women’s hoops, women’s tennis, women’s gymnastics and women’s volleyball.

What all this means in the COVID-19 era is that if HY had to cut sports, he would either cut a men’s sport only or if he had to cut more than that, it might be two men’s sports and one women’s sport.

There are 460 on some kind of scholarship. Most sports are split.

Yeah I was thinking the number was about 460, so almost twice as many athletes as number of scholies. And if you subtract the headcount sports, there are 145 scholarships in those sports, so each of the scholarships for equivalency sports (the rest) is split about three ways. Baseball is the only equivalency sport with a maximum number of athletes getting those split scholarships; that limit is 27.

If I recall correctly, the minimum number of sports for Division I is 16, and they denied a request back in April to temporarily waive that limit. So we could only cut three sports if it came to that.

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