Titillating Tweet

Now is probably not the time to open this can of worms, but I’d sure like to get the inside info someday…


Chemistry! Chemistry before, then after Nick. I wonder if that’s a story worth insight?

I may be the only one that believes there is a difference, and hope that difference is evaporating (especially before Thursday).

I and a few others spoke on this about 6 weeks ago and then all the players came out and said no drama or chemistry issues and everyone stopped talking about it. But there’s been a struggle with leadership. We have all been able to see that. It’s one reason Devo took time away. Devo again spoke about it last night in the post game interview. When we are losing everyone thinks they have the answer which means no one has the answer. Muss kept changing the pieces and is starting to find what works. It starts with Devo as the leader. Part of that has been his own fault. But team is working through it. Maybe 10 new players a year isn’t the best idea.

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In my opinion, I think some of the team didn’t like NSJ gong back into the starting line up and Council going to the bench.

We have played a lot more together since Council was put back in the starting line up.


There were a lot of times during conference play when they’d show Muss on the sidelines and it looked like he was coaching while dragging a 500 lb weight. I don’t think this has been an easy team to coach at all, and it’s probably been an even tougher team to manage outside of practice and games.


I think everyone in that locker room has had to make alot of decisions and adjustments. Fact that they have played as well as they have reflects talent and coaching but also they want to win and that helps alot. It is hard on everyone when that is going on. Lessons will be learned and future will be better for what they have accomplished this week. The post game locker room celebrations and interviews are evidence that they are together and pulling in same direction now. Devo’s court reaction was priceless for lot’s of reasons.


Gosh, anyone with a brain at all who has ever worked with kids as a leader, coach, director, etc. in some capacity knows what it is like to work with egos. We observed how this team was LOADED with the best ever talent assembled at Arkansas on paper to start the year. The question on everyone’s mind was how does Coach keep everybody happy and still win. That includes the players, parents, and their agents. Not to mention NIL $$$'s. This is all new territory for a college coach. However, CEM has done all this on the professional level. Someone stated earlier that he has had to assemble 3 different teams this year. The one with that was full strength to start with. The one in which he lost 2 key players. And lastly the one when NSJ returned. Yes, like Devo said to the reporter through tears following the tremendous victory over the Number #1 ranked Kansas team when he literally played his heart out: “This team has struggled…” We are blessed to have CEM who has guided these kids through these minefields and showed them how to be winners! WPS!!!


The season started to go downhill when Williams went pro. Not undeservedly, but the 5 is always key. We did not replace his defense, and we’ve been easy to score on in the paint. We tried to replace his offense, but that too has been a no go. Then we had the egos of 3 top frosh to deal with, and 2 major injuries. 13 losses…that’s a lot to stomach, and coach through,…until this week. Great week. wps

Really good post!

If history here tells us anything. We have had insiders (and I mean razorback insiders not necessarily Hawgs Illustrated Insiders) tease us with things that would be revealed later, but then they never see the light of day. I suspect this tweet is just along that same vein. Mike will never spill. He could not afford to jeopardize his work sources like that.

Nothing but clickbait.

Do I suspect there was some high drama going on? Without any doubt. There has been something functionally wrong with this team all year. But at the end of the day, its not our business and all that matters right now is winning the next game.

We may have been disappointed in the regular season and not happy being an 8th seed, but if you knock off the #1 seed, you essentially are now on the #1 seeds path. So seeds really don’t matter now.


Sometimes it’s better not to know.
Trust me.


I’ve noticed that. Many times you read, “I’ll tell the full story after signing date”, or something similar. I can’t remember ever getting the real insider stuff. Usually just an explanation that they can’t expose their sources, which I understand. Or that it’s better we don’t know.

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I know this is true.

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At this point I could care less about a mike Irwin tweet or the view from “behind the scenes”.

Bugs me that this even gets a conversation after alll the good we saw on the court and from the individuals on the team.


You have people that can’t do anything else in life except to try and stir up
a mud puddle no matter how peacefully pleasant it looks.
Thank goodness for the block option.