Titans cut Tretola

No surprise, given the multiple off-field events the past few months.

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I know I have long since forgot what it was like to be in my early to mid 20’s, but dang it, with so much to lose, you would think these kids would be church mice after they got in trouble once.

I was a pretty good kid growing up. The one time I got in any kind of trouble was when I was 18 and was being real stupid and got pulled over for going well over a 100 miles an hour. It was stupid. I repeat myself, it was stupid. The idea of me getting in any MORE trouble after that was silly. I wouldn’t go 1 mile over the speed limit for years, much less drink and drive, get into a fist fight, or other kind of public confrontation, etc. And I didn’t have much to lose. These guys have SO much to lose in terms of money (and its not like they can make it up later, if they don’t play NOW, they are losing money they will never ever get back).

If I were a guy getting paid big bucks and knowing that off the field behavior could cause me to stop making big bucks. there is no way I get in trouble the first time. But if some how I did (again, I get they are 20 something year old kids) you can bet my bottom dollar I would not EVER be in a situation to have a second event!

Hopefully, he can catch on with another team, but he has two strikes against him. He has to learn to stay away from the nightclubs at least after 10 p.m. Rarely, does anything good happen after midnight, so set 10 p.m. as your own curfew and you have a two-hour buffer. Or better yet, just don’t go there.

I hope he lands somewhere. I really liked this kid. Met him once (at the Texas Bowl, I believe) & found him incredibly nice & polite. Really want him to succeed.

Sigh. That kid was so happy and grateful to get drafted and then stick with the team last year, and he’s tossed it away. Hope he gets another chance, but two incidents in one off-season point to either some serious need to mature or perhaps some other personal issue that is going to have to be resolved before he gets paid to play again.

I suspect there are very few NFL players, especially the young ones without wives/families, who are not out late from time to time. But it does not bode well when you keep getting into incidents. You need to watch who you’re around and stay out of episodes like Tretola keeps finding.

Ezekiel Elliott has had a few incidents too but he’s a star player. Star players get third and fourth chances. Fringe offensive linemen don’t. He’s gonna have to convince someone he’s cleaned up his act before he gets another shot, unless someone has a rash of OL injuries.

I would expect someone to pick him up. If not, Momma and CBB may talk a bit- it would not surprise me to see him come to Fayetteville and serve as a volunteer coach. He needs time with CBB to get away from bad influences.