Tipping point

Every ex coach has a game that is the tipping point people remember. I’m afraid this one is it for Mike. Great guy but either he gets a defensive expert forced on him which doesn’t usually work out or he’s out. Im afraid that’s it.

Only 18 points at half…, also could use an offensive expert.


The boos certainly won’t help recruiting.

I dispute this

I am at the game

There have been a few weak boos directed at the team, true

The “violent boos” are for the ref who called a total phantom call on Dusty and then let Vandy undress Barfird on a drive

I don’t think Voigt specified who was on the receiving end of the boos.

It’s still terrible basketball no matter what you say.

ALTERNATIVE FACTS :slight_smile:

Neither will getting waxed at home to Vandy.