Timing not favorable to resume Hogs' baseball season

I wrote this tonight after our visit with Hunter Yurachek.

Yeah not going to happen… I mean the players can’t even practice,sure as heck aren’t going to show up on April 15th and play.

It seems pretty tough to not let players use baseball training facilities on their own.

I’ve mentioned this in other threads. The best place for players right now is home. They need to be released to their parents. For example, Heston Kjerstad needs to go home to Amarillo. And stay there. Casey Martin needs to go home to Lonoke. It goes on and on. Home is safe. Parents need to be in charge and keep their sons home. I know it’s relatable for the women’s sports, too. But college campuses are not as safe as home right now.

You are correct Clay, but on the other hand parents do want their kids home so they can monitor them but it may not be that easy for parents to handcuff restless 18-20 year olds in their homes either 24/7. However I’m sure they know when you’re in moms house its moms rules to.

It’s a messed up world right now. I’m coaching a 15 and under baseball team and was all set to start practice when all activity was canceled until March 30th. I’m not sure I understand what is magic about March 30th. If practices actually resume on March 30th we would have about two weeks until the season is supposed to start. I would take it in a heartbeat.

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