Timing is everything....when do you fire CCM?

I think this week will seal his fate:

  1. Lose to WKU you’re out on Sunday.
  2. Win a close battle over WKU and you’re out on Sunday.
  3. Beat WKU convincingly, you buy time to sell HY on your OC/DC replacement plan.

The week after WKU is our open week. Perfect time to make the change, giving you two weeks to get things settled down. But who would be the interim HC for the last 3 weeks? I think that’s a big issue that HY is trying to figure out, and maybe why CCM is still here.

One of the most important things going forward is figuring out how to keep the team together, and avoiding all of the young talent wanting to jump into the portal.

Believe you’re 100% correct on this part

I think you need something to sell to the young ones… like who is coming or something other than “he’s gone… soandso will lead you the next two weeks. don’t go anywhere we’re going to get you someone”…

That’s my fear and why I think HY needs to be confident in who he has in the wings before pulling the trigger else it’s likely to be chaos.

I have mixed feelings about the players’ attitudes if Morris is fired. I think, for a lot of them, especially the really good young ones, there will be a feeling of relief for them if CCM is fired. Most of these young players came from HS programs that were big winners. They hate to play for a team that can’t win. I believe that many will feel that Morris has proven he can’t win here.

Absolutely agree with you. That’s the problem with a guy like Norvell, he’s Top 25, I believe (could be wrong) Memphis is now the highest ranked Group of 5 (New Year’s Day Bowl), how do you get him to say yes and detract from his current season. I think they have no choice, but to say, “So and so for the next few weeks and we will get someone later.”

From everything I’ve heard, the upperclassmen (Bret’s players) hate Morris (with a few exceptions). And all the young players (Morris’ recruits) absolutely love him. Rumors swirling that some have already said if he’s fired they’re leaving. I don’t think there is a good outcome to any decision.

Keep Morris - fan meltdown - hot seat next year
Fire Morris - lose young studs - fans and boosters complain about another 2-10 season (don’t be surprised if Nevada beats us next year, regardless of coach), new coach - huge buyout - Yurachek will now be worse than Long

I think these players loved Morris when they were being recruited. They loved what he was selling them. As the year goes on, unless there is a complete turnaround in these last 3 games, they can be easily sold on the new coach.

One thing that is extremely important though, is that whenever CCM is let go, the AD must be able to tell the players quickly who their new coach will be. He can’t leave the players in limbo during a long coaching search. They need a quick meeting with the new coach. That’s why I don’t mind at all if the firing is at the end of the season.

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I don’t know and I’m glad I’m not the AD … :slight_smile:

I guess the best would be, assuming it’s someone still employed, to tell them we have someone, someone you’re going to be excited about but can’t say until his season has ended.

Not sure that would work but… it’s conundrum for sure

Yurachek is around these players - his son is on the team and he is in the locker room after every game and greets each player personally as they leave the field.

Just a guess, but I suspect the trust level he has with the players is a little higher than some more aloof ADs.


i think if you fire morris mass transfers from a lot of the kids he signed last year are gone. plus recruiting will be shot for this year. another two year set back before any progress is made.

there are already rumors of some leaving if morris is let go. also some rumors of some leaving regardless.

if you fire the man, you’ve got another 2 year set back. might as well at least give him one more year of rope to seal his fate or secure his job.

I don’t believe you can really know what the players will do. There is always this fear when making a change.

Hopefully you bring someone in who is charismatic and can win them over quickly.

Some will leave and some won’t.

We’ll have the same problem if we have a bad year next year and fire him then.

Early signing period in Dec. has changed everything. You use to be able to wait mid, late Dec. or even in Jan. if you had the right guy. The traditional signing period gave you more time to make a decision and recruit. No more.

Which is why FSU fired Stoops and USC is about to fire Helton… everything has accelerated.

Are we going to re-model the program or tear it down and re-build it from scratch? If we decide to re-model and demand Morris hire new offensive and defensive coordinators, we still have Chad Morris as the coach. Hunter Yurachek must decide if he thinks Morris is capable of getting us to respectability and ultimately competitive with other teams such as LSU and Auburn which we used to be.

If Hunter believes Coach Morris is not capable of leading us back to prominence, then he really has no choice but to fire him. Unfortunately for an AD, his success or failure is usually correlated with the success of the football program. Hunter did not hire Coach Morris, but this situation is such a mess that if Hunter stays with Morris another year or two and Morris fails, Hunter could be in trouble. He knows the career model of an AD. I like and respect what I have seen from Hunter Yurachek and will respect his decision, no matter what it is. He has a very tough decision to make, if he already hasn’t made it.

most of the kids we signed last year other than the arkansans, came here specifically because of morris and staff. think we would have gotten knox, tq, catalon etc. if it had just been because of the powerful arkansas football name? they were highly coveted by many schools. we will be raided if we fire morris. i am firmly convinced that it will be at least another 2 year set back of what we have seen the last 4 years.

we are young. no we haven’t shown the improvement we all wanted, but there is a good nucleus of young skilled folks. can craddock and morris figure out how to use them, debatable. what will the new defensive coordinator bring if we do indeed get one.

and the fire him yesterday crowd, where do we get the money? sure we’ve got some stockpiled but not a ton. former coach is going to sue us if he already hasn’t for his buyout. two coaches plus assistants costing us how many millions.

i wanted norvell on the last search, but dudley has stated there are personal problems there that the administration didn’t want any part of. he also coaches in a smaller conference. he hasn’t faced the bamas or lsus of the world week in week out.

and lets face it, no coach is going to turn us into a winner right away. dream all you want but it aint gonna happen right away. ticket sales might be up a tad for a year, but a new coach comes in and wins three games, same folks clamoring for morris’s head will be clamoring for the new coaches head.

i say give him another year with more of his players, and judge after that. we are a dumpster fire right now, do we throw gas on the flames?

That’s one aspect of all this that concerns me. I don’t know how our players will be affected if we keep/fire CCM. If it’s true the younger talented players like him & the older ones don’t, perhaps that explains our on the field problems. We sure can’t afford to lose a bunch of players to the transfer portal. There’s just a whole lot most of us don’t know.

These things are never as easy as fans want to make them out.

Couldn’t agree more