Whatever Jeff. My point is when we play at 11:00 at our ballpark it is not conducive to our recruiting!!! Thought I made that point clear but obviously I did not.smh

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I hate 11:00 AM games too, Billy. I work Saturdays, so I miss a lot if I get busy. Love night games…can have people over, grill out, and drink cold beer.

Yeah I know it’s tough on you Jeremy for sure…I don’t really mind them personally because I don’t have to wait that long to watch the game but I know it negatively affects us recruiting wise is my issue with it

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You are right, and RD has mentioned it several times.

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Half of Arkansas’ 11 a.m. games last year were almost unwatchable and over at kickoff.

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Might be something to that…

Yes, the matchups — Georgia and UAPB.

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Good point, lol.

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The University of Arkansas and it’s sister SEC institutions are responsible for having no say on when games are played

They made a decision long ago to sacrifice scheduling control/fan experience/recruiting considerations and you name it in exchange for HUGE TV $$$. In exchange for said $$$, they have empowered third parties who don’t give a damn about fan experience in the stadium to dictate when games are played.

If you don’t like 2:30 PM or 11:00 AM games in hot as Hell September don’t blame ESPN - blame the institutions that sold schedule control to the highest bidders.


Been trying to decide whether to come up for the Cinc game or USCe. Cinc it is.

Anybody heard anything out of the ticket office about whether there will by any type of mini-plans? Or if they plan to just sell single game tickets? The mini-plan last year was a great deal. My folks gave up their season tickets because 7 games was just too much, but the 3-game package was great.

You can also blame ESPN that we’re able to pay Sam and Muss and DVH and Deifel enough to keep them, and have a top-10 overall athletic program, including an absolutely kickass softball team. And have won 7 SEC titles out of 19 sports. Blame them for that too

I’m not blaming ESPN for TV times- but I sure see a lot of folks that do. Not necessarily a lot in this thread, but on other boards and in conversations with others.

Why? They paid the SEC and the U of A handsomely for the right to control when games are played. If you don’t like it complain to Hunter Yurachek instead of the Mouse

I think it’s a fact the U of A has prioritized TV revenues over the comfort of the average fan sitting in the east side on a scorching September afternoon. Again, I don’t really care, but many folks seem to have a problem with it.

My seats are covered and shades so I’m good.

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