Cincy kickoff 2:30. South Carolina 11:00 , amazing

On ESPN the first two weeks, a mild sign that nationally we are a bit more than an afterthought.

Only if Beth Mowins isn’t calling the games……

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The Missouri State game is also scheduled for 6 p.m. and will only be streamed.

The only one we get to set, at least we didn’t go early so we could get a jump on aTm……

We better not get into that at 11:00 crap they put us in last year for five straight weeks

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And if we do?

Well watch it

It’ll suck because nobody else gets that crap done to them. They need to spread those out for everybody gets their share of that. Definitely hurts recruiting

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A voice only Leslie Rutledge could love.

Georgia was the national champion and atop the polls for most of last year, and had more kickoffs at that time during the regular season than Arkansas did.

There were four 11 am games. The first two were on the road (Georgia and Ole Miss), then Auburn, then UAPB in WMS. So three of them were not recruiting weekends.

And signed the #3 recruiting class

I was just going on what I thought Richard had said that really hard for out of state recruits to make it for the 11:00 kickoffs because they couldn’t get a flight in. I’m talking about hurting our recruiting.

Georgia has all they need to get right there on their doorstep… was not aware of them having 4 11:00 kickoffs though

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Yeah because Georgia has all kinds of in-state talent that can literally drive an hour or two and be there at the game. I’m talking about hurting our recruiting where we have to get out of state people to try to fly in for an 11:00 kickoff Richard said that hurts us quite a bit

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Georgia had five at that time.

TV networks are not concerned about recruiting. They want games that are going to draw eyeballs. With the exception of the UAPB game, the three 11 a.m. games that Arkansas played in last year were due to the interest the networks thought the game would generate, not because they were bad matchups that were uninteresting. There is a big difference in an 11 a.m. game on SEC Network and one on CBS or ESPN.


Yeah I’m sure they’re not concerned about schools recruiting it’s always pretty much about them

That’s because they were 12 noon kickoffs in Athens, an hour makes a difference in getting the crowd there, and ready.

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Yes it does.

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And we had one game on campus at 11 a.m. One. Not four or five.