Times have been changed for this weekend

All of our games are moved up to 4:00 due to inclement weather.

I am glad they are doing this, but I am so bummed it’s going to be so cold…We are heading down Friday morning.

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Yeah that’s very surprising… only good day looks like will be Sunday supposed to be 60… 40s the first two games

Usually 3/4:00 are the warmest part of the day. Temps just go down from there.

What’s exactly what I was thinking 4:00 is the hottest part of the day so whatever the temperature is going to be it will be the best it’s going to get around that time. Better than playing early in the day for sure

I had hoped to go down there this weekend, but due to the weather that is forecast here, I don’t think I’m going to risk driving down I-49.

The team has pushed its departure up to 7 a.m. tomorrow to beat the weather.

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From what I saw, there is a 60% chance of rain at 4:00 Friday, in Round Rock. High of 40!
Terrible baseball weather.

Definitely going to be a mindset type game. Both teams got to play in it.always thought in those type of games it’s better to get off to a good start because you get behind three or four runs early in that kind of weather it’s mentally very hard to stay locked in when you’re cold like that and behind. Been there done it LOL

I can relate to that as well!

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The weather has definitely not been helpful. I’m still trying to decide what I will do for this weekend. I’m leaning toward leaving early in the morning and heading to Little Rock (to hopefully avoid the ice) where I can stay with family for a night and then heading to Texas on Thursday, probably going at least halfway.

I had planned to leave here Friday morning, but I don’t think it will be possible to get to Texas if I don’t leave NWA early in the morning. Since game times have moved up, I wouldn’t be able to wait until Friday morning anyway now.

I had sure hoped for better weather than this. You just never know in February what you’ll get. I’m not a big fan of sitting in cold weather at a baseball game, but I’ve been looking forward to going to this and still want to go.

The 81 degrees they had yesterday in Round Rock sure would have been nicer. But they’re calling for a high of 60 on Sunday at the moment, so at least that last game should be decent.

I’m anticipating some of those future Arlington trips where if you can get there, the weather inside Globe Life (even in February) will be great.

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I hope we just play in Arlington every year. Article says they want us (not surprising)

I would make that an annual trip

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