Times for Vanderbilt games

I’m going to be in Monterey, CA this coming weekend. What are the game times.

Thur. 6:00 CST (SECNetwork)
Fri. 7:00 CST (SECNetwork)
Sat. 2:00 CST (SECN+ streaming)

Those are Central times; of course, In California, they would be 2 hours earlier Pacific.


It’s a Thursday through Saturday series

Last series of the year is always Thursday through Saturday for everyone because Hoover starts Tuesday morning for teams 5-12 and Wednesday for the top 4.

So I guess those times stand, just Thurs/Sat.

I had planned to take 4 grandsons to at least one Vandy game this weekend. But my wives rotator cuff surgery kept me home nursing. We went a couple of years ago. The boys had a blast and in pre game Hog players talked to them. All 4 love the Hogs and wear Hog gear to school a lot. They were born and raised her in Chattanooga but love watching the Hogs with PopPop.


Thanks, wiz!
I should have made that clarification.

Thanks, youdaman!
I forgot to specify that it was a Thursday start. I’m just so accustomed to Fri. starts, that I forget about this series starting Thursday.
Wiz also had to specify that the times I gave him was CST.
Glad you guys picked up on that. I’m sure that
irunalot appreciates it even more!

Yes. I gave you the right start times. Failed to specify that those were CST times and that it was a Thursday thru Sat. Series. Sorry about that!
But with the help of some on this board, I corrected them.

Thanks, swine!