Times for signing Wed

Do we know the times some of the kids will be signing their LOI, wed?

Putting them together now

The times will be for signing ceremonies. The kids usually have all of the NLIs sent in by 10am.

Thanks DD and RD

Hey, RD, when is cameron Ball signing with us? and who was that surprise player again???



Ball is announcing Wednesday at 9:45 eastern.

Keep those shades on.

FWIW, I’m not expecting a surprise on Wednesday. Will be watching to see what Ball and Williams do. Could see a sweep or landing just one.

Heck, it’s recruiting maybe they get neither.

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Richard/Dudley, do we have committed players that you think we should have held off on, with hopes of getting better prospects from programs who have fired their coaches?

I wouldn’t rule it out for Feb. but the numbers are so tight. I see them going the transfer route.

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