Time to worry about the '19 hoops class?

Seems as though things may have went cold with Victor Iwuakor? Not even mentioned or talked about in a recent article. Was suppose to have already visited as well and doesn’t sound like that is happening anytime soon.

https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com … ith-offers

And no surprise, not even mentioned by Will Baker as a possibility.

https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com … ecruitment

I know they are going hard after Walker but that just seems like a long shot at this point.

Just with the recent news of some of the guys we have expressed interest in (guys not even ranked in the top 200 or not ranked at all), not sure I like where this is going.

I wouldn’t read too much into it right now. I think we can only get one more player anyway, so we have to be very selective.

Victor told me in Vegas he would be visiting soon. Will be very surprised if he doesn’t.

Baker has always been a long shot. That said I do think there’s a chance Arkansas at least gets a visit. Not saying it’s for sure, but I think they will.

Something to think about. When the stuff came out about Will having a sister attending Arkansas, it was me that asked him about Arkansas with two other guys around interviewing him at the same time. He mentioned maybe visiting when his parents brought up his sister for the fall semester.

Now Billy at 247 might have asked about Arkansas if I hadn’t, but I kind of doubt it. He was asking about UCLA, NC and others which I understand. When I asked about Arkansas and Will mentioned his sister Billy and the other guy perked up.

I say that because the Arkansas angle would have likely never been brought up. I also say that because there’s a prospect that no one is giving Arkansas a chance on and I’m expecting him to be a Hog. Will reveal at the proper time.

Walker perhaps???

Ohhhh this thread just got lit real quick. Look at Rich go.

No, it is not time to worry.

If they had 8 scholarships again, yes it would be.

But you have to remember that because of the late signing of Ibi Ali there are ZERO scholarships available and there are no seniors.

The first scholarship available - obviously becoming available if as expected Gafford turns pro - goes to Justice Hill.

We’ll see what happens with Garland.

Odds are somebody leaves, but right now they are weren’t working with a lot.

Just got real in here with this comment. Got me thinking about Walker… If that is him that pick-up would be beyond huge he’s got NBA potential and probably headed for 5-star status when they update the rankings.

It’s not who you’re thinking. It will be awhile.


Notice I said prospect.

You got me Rich. What would the difference be between a prospect and a recruit? Without giving the name of course.

Maybe prospect is someone that doesn’t have an offer yet that they are still evaluating. And a recruit is someone with an actual offer? Just guessing here…

And if that’s the case my next guess is Issac McBride, Arkansas kid, who just picked up a ton of offers that nobody is really expecting Arkansas to get/go after at the moment. Maybe RD has heard Hogs are trying to make room for him and he’s highly interested in being a Hog. Again, this is just me guessing out loud.

McBride has said all along he wants to be a Hog. Remember RD said it is a prospect “nobody gives Arkansas a chance on”. In other words, even if Arkansas wanted the prospect, no one thinks they can get him. That does not sound like McBride.

Ramsey, even though Scout is saying we offered. We’ve discussed that he wasn’t actually offered and now looks like we are out of contention for his services. Just a guess though.

I’ll guess Kai Jones, he seems to be the top realistic target to me now.

Just IMO, but I wonder if they wait to see what happens to Garland in Sept. or whenever? And if he isn’t cleared they plan to offer him then. Mcbride that is. He picked up some SEC offers today. He reminds me of the quick guards at Auburn that gave everyone fits last year, Harper and Brown.

Makes sense.

If it’s not McBride or Walker the next logic choices would be Jared Jones or Kai Jones. When RD first made the statement I thought he was referring to Jared Jones because Kevin McPherson had said not too long ago we were in his top 3. And nobody, not even people in Arkansas, are really talking about him being a Hog. His other two schools are Northwestern and Wake Forest, I honestly like our chances if those are his final 3. I said Walker because he announced his top 12 the same day RD said that, so I thought he may have been hinting that way. But, the more I think about it I think my original thought of Jared Jones seems like the most likely choice. Either way I think it’s 1 of those 4 guys we have discussed in here :). It’s just a waiting game now, once they start announcing the official visits we’ll pretty much be able to figure it out for certain then.

I could see it being any of those guys.

Prospects wow did what it was intended. Now we check often and keeps interest in this site. Doubt there is one myself.

My guess would be the freakishly athletic JUCO (Holmes CC I believe) originally from Little Rock area.

I can see him taking Garlands scholarship.

I disagree, that wouldn’t be a prospect no one expects. That would be a prospect everyone expects. At one time it was said if Garland wasn’t cleared. The two scholarships (Gafford and Garland) would go to him and Justice.