Time to say goodbye

I think I’ve been an HI subscriber for over 20 years now. My subscription runs out tomorrow, and I have made the agonizing decision not to renew. This is mostly an economic decision. Inflation has really taken a bite out of my disposable income, and I’ve got to find ways to cut back. I really appreciate all the insights and excellent writing of the HI staff over the .years. Mostly though, I have enjoyed the camraderie of the board. Though I have never met any of you in person, I have considered you friends for many years. Perhaps I will be back someday, if my financial situation improves. All the best to all of you and GHG.



Best wishes to you. Your comments are shared by many on this board. We are much like a family at Thanksgiving but that what makes it so good. Take care, hope to see you back some day.

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Thank you for being here with us for so long. We all hope you rejoin the group sooner than later.


Gonna miss you, buddy.

We’ll miss the EagleHog…

You will be missed. Thanks for taking the ride with us. All the best, Clay


You and your sense of humor will be missed.

This inflationary period is hard on lots of people.

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I am going to miss you. Your humorous takes always made me laugh. Wish you come back again when it is right time for you.

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Gonna miss you around here. All the best for you and your family. Thanks for all the terrific input you gave here. Take care. Blessings…

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I have known Bill almost my entire life. I can tell you he will be missed. His insight and wit are top shelf, really he is a top shelf person that I truly admire. A rare creative spirit. I am honored to count him among my friends. I wish him nothing but the best!


Brother you can’t leave me!! What in the world are you thinking about??? Go get you an ice cream cone sit back and reconsider… That’s what I always do when I’m really got a hard decision to make LOL…

I hope you don’t go but I totally understand the financial game …Lord knows I sure don’t have too many pennies to rub together… if you ever down in the Burg… give me a shout. I’ve always enjoyed our conversations on the board…


Gonna miss ya, hope all is well and gets btr for ya bud, hope to see comments in the future.

You will be missed. Thanks for your contribution to this board. Best of luck and health.

May the wind be beneath your wings, Eagle!

Good luck & Go Hogs Go.

Gonna cause separation anxiety around here man. Good luck with everything. Always be welcomed back.

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