Time to question is now

I had 16 years of NFL experience in my football suite today. Former Loyal Hogs. When we did not manage the clock at the end of the first half and attempt a field goal…Both of those former Hogs with NFL experience were shaking their heads. Not attacking a defense playing straight up man to man on the edges. Clock management at end of the first half and at Colorado State last year. Friggin horrilbe. Let’s face it, we better start buying some players because we are not going to outcoach above average coaches in the SEC… We could not overpower Portland State and run the ball. Really? 4 suites , out of 35 in the South End Zone, changed ownership after last year. We will be in that group next year unless things change and I am a Hog Fan. But I too am tired. Hate to admit it, but we seem terrible and I did not notice improvement today. When, not if, Ole Miss comes out favored by 6.5 or less. I am going to bet the amount it takes to buy the suite for next year. Not emotional and not drunk…just have verified legitimate questions about game strategy, offensive execution and a continue myriad of questions on the special teams. Also time to admit, we do not have a QB who is capable if CMorris put his best on the field today. Not sure he knows who is best. Getting tired of lack of mediocrity. Still hoping we win one in the SEC this year. maybe we will get a forfeit.

Can you please tell me one more time that you have a suite?


I watched the Tennessee Coach’s press conference. He took ownership instead of placing blame on others . I am so underwhelmed with with his leadership it’s hard to put into words

I worked for 30+ years in a business where zero mistakes were acceptable. We practiced until we were perfect including unexpected but possible scenarios. You had to be calm cool and collected or you would never see the field in football speak. You had to make changes on the fly. With all the planning and practice we had, the actual job rarely worked out that way. There was always a wrinkle or two but we knew what to do.

I don’t see those qualities in our coach. Maybe I’m too harsh. I’ve never met and will never meet him

My job was planning and training my team to handle, package, and transport highly radioactive materials. The work and locations are classified so I can’t give details other than you could get a lethal exposure in seconds.

My mentor was a Colonel in the Army and West Point graduate. He taught me everything about performing calmy and cooly in the field. I guarantee you that someone with Morris’s seemingly inability to make tough decisions including coaching and player changes wouldn’t have cut it. No favorites allowed.

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Fire Chad Morris!

No you were spot-on in your assessment. We seem to have no clue how do I attack a defense. Middle of the field is wide open against pretty much every team yet for some reason we very rarely use it. We were told we had receivers who could go up and get the 50-50 ball we never threw the ball down the field but one time to try to take advantage of it. We never threw easy slants to keep them honest all we did is run on first down about 90% of the time and that allows the defense is to attack your offense. It’s going to be a long season because the offensive line is better but nowhere near good enough to block the elite teams on our schedule. I am losing faith very quickly with Morris

My goodness you people need to calm down. I’m disappointed in the offensive performance as anyone, but my goodness.

To the time management point, I heard on the radio that Starkel misread the sign to spike the ball for field goal and threw a pass instead. Hence, why he’s probably not starting at the moment.

We had an entirely new offensive out there yesterday. Routes were mixed up and balls that should have been caught were dropped. But that’s one game. Keep the faith and some of these naysayers who only show up when they want to see the coach fired(pathetic) will go away.

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I thought CM said for him to spike it but the assistant send the wrong signals in? Still, we had two chances and blew them both. Just because the referee blocked the Linebacker on the interception, Starkle should have seen him. He telegraphed the pass. Maybe it’s just first game jitters. But what do I know :grimacing:

The hair-trigger fan problem for Morris should be expected after the last six years and devolving to the butt-end of the SEC donkey. Is it fair, no… but he didn’t come in with a grandiose record from a top tier conference to buy a lot of patience. You have a SMU coaching staff and starting QB, that’s not a 60’s Hog formula for winning.

Agree totally on the HC, offensive staff, and QB.

Certainly not an impressive beginning, but I don’t know - if I had a suite, which I don’t - I would be jumping off the ship in the first game of year 2.

Starkel had one bad pass that was picked. Other than that, he completed the other four and looked good doing it. I contend he will still be the guy.

It seems to me that some of you are know trying to say the former head coach didn’t leave a dumpster fire in your haste to dump on the new guy.

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Oh…he inherited a dumpster fire alright!:sunglasses:

Great post. :star_struck::star_struck:

I agree completely with your synopsis about Starkel and I hope you are right about your last sentence there. I fear CCM may not let that happen though.

The problem I have with the dumpster fire, not that it’s not true, but that after 13 games into the CCM era, it now seems to be a brighter dumpster fire than what was left. I really hope the next 11 games will start to extinguish that fire.

I have no idea if Morris can do the job or not. Just as I didn’t know if Holtz, Hatfield, Crowe, Ford, Nutt, Petrino, or Bielema could. I do know it’s a bad idea to change coaches less than two years into his tenure. It’s not like he took a top program & started driving it straight into a hole. No one knows what his replacement could do. Those who want to fire Morris ought to realize that.

I’m sure no one wants to hear about a new system, new players, a good recruiting start, or any of that. Yet, all those things are true.

Fact is, we won. Despite a late final score from them, I don’t think we were in any real danger of losing that game. We didn’t dominate like we wanted because the O couldn’t score enough. It bothers me that we didn’t, but I believe we’re still a better team than we were last year. The D might be pretty good. If it’s just a slightly below average SEC D, we can win 4-6 games. The O can improve. If at the end of the year, we’ve only won 3 games, we’ll all be sick, but even that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right coach.

If we only win 3 games this season, I promise you it will be because we don’t have the right coach. Some of y’all wanted wanted a new coach so bad, and now that we have that, It’s amazing that MANY of you don’t wanna think that POSSIBLY we hired the wrong coach. He can recruit, yes. But game day leaves a ton to be desired. Remember, this coach said all of those catchy things and phrases about what we were gonna do. It hasn’t happened! All these excuses for CCM will go away when he and his staff start looking like they belong in the SEC and at Arkansas. Right now, they do not. There is no reason to get mad at and insult posters for pointing things out that are the truth.

Unfortunately, the NFL guys were seeing the pre-snap read, man-to-man. Almost every time, the defense rolled into two-deep zone with protection behind the corners. It might have looked like single high safety, but it wasn’t. I noticed the post-snap movement, too. Most every team disguises coverages between pre-snap and post-snap. Did those guys see that?

Clock management was bad at the end of half. The head coach said he called for a spike, the signal was for another play. Bad deal. Shouldn’t have happened.

Wow. That is JV.

Shouldn’t be happening this season.

There are A LOT of teams that played poorly yesterday that will end up being decent to good. We see it every year.

Can we at least give it two weeks before we have to give up?

Of course it’s possible we hired the wrong coach. No matter who we hired, that would almost certainly be a possibility after 13 games into his tenure. However, it’s also possible we hired the right coach who just hasn’t had time to fix things yet. Is he perfect? Of course not.

I’d like to know what your credentials are, though. Are they better than HY’s? Who do you KNOW that was available that you KNOW would have been better? How many coaches have you hired? Where have you coached? What’s the highest level of football you played?

You must be very experienced in all this to be so certain.

Back on the attack. here we go…HY didn’t hire him JCP did. Well, actually, Jerry did. There were many that were better. We just didn’t wanna pay. Except Gus. Stop being so precious.

But, Why don’t you ask CCM what was the highest level he played football? Oh, that’s right! He didn’t!