Time to proactively implement the new redshirt rule?


Let’s get real.

We are 1 - 6 with an SEC West schedule facing us. The unspoken dream of backing into a lower level bowl ended on the WMS pseudo turf last night with Storey’s third injury of the night.

We have 5 games left to get ready for next year. Is it time for the coaches to figure out whom of the red shirts can play and how much so that next year will not be a repeat.

I do not blame the coaches, the kids. the stadium, the refs or CBB.

But it is time to look to the future.

Yes. Something they intend to do.

The newcomers who have played enough already and won’t redshirt are:

TB Rakeem Boyd (7)
LB Bumper Pool (6)
WR Mike Williams (5)
WR Chase Harrell (5)

Those on the edge:

S Joeseph Foucha (4)
S Myles Mason (4)
DE Dorian Gerald (3)
DL Isaiah Nichols (2)
QB Connor Noland (1)
QB John Stephen Jones (1)

Doesn’t appear that these guys have played

LaDarrius Bishop
Silas Robinson
Ryan Winkle (injured in preseason)
Billy Ferrell (injured)
Nick Fulwider
Andrew Parker
Courtre Alexander

some who have already redshirted, some who have not

Chase Hayden (7)
Cole Kelley (7)
Dee Walker (7)
Gabe Richardson (7)
Hayden Henry (7)
Deon Edwards (7)
Nate Dalton (6)
Grayson Gunter (6)
Jamario Bell (6)
Nate Dalton (6)
Montaric Brown (6)
Gionni LaFrance (6)
Jonathan Marshall (6)
Dre Greenlaw (5)
Randy Ramsey (5)
Briston Guidry (5)
CJ O’Grady (5)
Jeremy Patton (5)
Devion Warren (5)
Johnathan Nance (4- moving on)
Maleek Williams (4)
TJ Hammonds (4)
Britto Tutt (3)
Chevin Calloway (2)
Daulton Hyatt (1)