Time to name YOUR starting QB

And why. Mine is JSJ, because RPO starts with the R. JSJ GHG!

Glad we’ll have all of ‘em and will support whoever the coaches decide to play.

With that being said, IMHO Starkel is our best bet right
now. His SEC starting experience, strong arm and good size make him stand out to me.

I think Starkel gets the start. Hicks and JSJ get some reps. Starkel will continue to start and JSJ eventually takes over the second team snaps.

Most coaches say if you have two (or 3) QBs, you have no QB.

I’ll say Starkel as I think he’ll give us the best chance against Ole Miss and needs to develop as much confidence with the system as possible before Ole Miss week.

I also suspect that Hicks will be the #2. But, if JSJ is the #2 that’ll say a lot of good things about our depth and the progress he and Starkel have made in Morris’ system.

I’m waiting patiently, but I think the next two weeks will be interesting and fun.

Coaches keep saying whoever can move the team and score. That seems to be JSJ

But I’ll guess Starkel will start although personally I’d like JSJ to win the job

My mostly uneducated opinion: Should be Starkel, but will probably be Hicks.

The main thing I want to see in the first game is at least “equal” time for Starkel playing with the first team offense. Start the QB who will be starting the OM game in the 3rd quarter. Then midway, or a little later, in the 3rd qtr, (if score dictates) turn the game over to JSJ. Then in the 4th qtr give a series or 2 to Jefferson to close out the game.

I have thought Hicks would start just because he knows the offense far better than anyone else I think he still starts both play on the opener and unless Hicks just does bad he will start at OM but if Starkel comes in that game and provides a spark he will be #1 until he loses it.


I’ll go with Hicks, but the true starter will be after a few games.

I’m not sure what CCM wants from his QB.

Starkle seems to be the fan favorite because of his size and throwing ability. I know the Aggie fans hated to see him leave. He played well when he had the chance. But, the one gripe they had was he didn’t take off and run when the opening was there. Don’t know. Sounds like Fisher went with the QB with good running ability, and Starkle moved on.

Hicks obviously knows this offense and has had some success running it at SMU. But, he did sit most of last year. I’m not completely sold on Hicks. He would probably do ok.

JSJ is intriguing. His name keeps coming up from the coaches. He has good wheels and seems to be able to move the ball. It’s similar to the Johnny Manziel situation with the Aggies. I won’t be surprised or disappointed if JSJ gets the job.


Hicks obviously knows this offense and has had some success running it at SMU. But, he did sit most of last year. I’m not completely sold on Hicks. He would probably do ok.

[/quote]Hmm. Starkel’s the one who sat a lot last season. Hicks played in 12 games, starting 9, and threw for 2,582 yards (well more than the next guy).

Think Starkel. Hicks was the prohibitive favorite because he was here in the spring and he knows the offense inside and out. The fact CCM hasn’t announced it says Starkel has closed the gap to where it is a hard decision. JSJ? Maybe, if the go by the stated criteria of “who gets the ball in the end zone”.


My bad. I thought he got beat out for the job and he decided to leave instead of coming back.

I recently listened to Bo’s HogPod series. When he sat down with CCM, he asked what they were looking for in their QB’s. CCM said it ultimately came down to accuracy…whether or not the QB could hit their target. They can be good at a lot of things, but it wouldn’t matter if they aren’t accurate. I imagine that has a big part to JSJ’s success, and also why Chandler plays so well in this same system.

I will go with Hicks for game 1 but just feel at some point it will be Starkel and that may be game 2. They will both play a lot in game 1.

Hicks will be the first starter.

Starkel will be the final and probably majority of games starter.

JSJ will never start a game at UofA unless we have some serious injuries. That gets way too bought into.

Hicks starts at Portland State and Starkel at Ole Miss . One who gets ball in end zone and avoids turnovers will own the spot by time we play Tam.

My only thought is that with the head start of spring ball, and having played in the Morris system, Hicks had the advantage. And he may still be named the starter. But the longer this goes, to me it underscores how Starkel has closed whatever gap there was…and considering he has an extra year and probably has more potential…I say a “tie” goes to Starkel.

Starkel started the Beanie Bowl, last year Kelley started the Beanie Bowl and the first game, who knows?