Time to hold Fans / Yurachek Accountable: Someone Must Go Now

This hurts, very painful, and completely unnecessary. Our approach post 2012 is NOT working. Some fans and vocal blowhards have been getting their way much too Long. This so called theory to build a program from ground up, brick by brick and the right way? Who defines the “right way”?

Obviously you cannot fire fans, but you can fire an AD that listens and acts to the nonsense of fans without assessing the greater good of the program. Seriously what fan in their right mind is concerned with Urban Meyer being the Head Coach at Arkansas? He will never come, but that ain’t the point, but it is the problem. We need another Coach that will take care of the program on the field, not a yes man that will suck up to the media and those that deny their holier than thou mentality.

I thought that by now (tonight) the infamous Dancing Chad Morris would have been fired. The fact that he has not been fired, suggest that Yurachek is just as arrogant for sticking with Chad Morris, as Chad Morris is/was in sticking with Hicks & Starkel.

Where is the Board of Trustees? Where is the help for change that is necessary? Many die hard fans that have been waiting and waiting for something post Petrino deserves some form of a win since we can’t get one on the field. Right now that win may have to come at the expense of Yurachek if he is too blind to see that the time to Fire Chad Morris is NOW!!!

Show some courage, some backbone, and some outrage that shows the nation this will not be tolerated any longer. Fire Chad Morris now, you have my blessing and I am not alone with that view.

Perhaps HY agrees with your opening position and will neither listen to nor act upon your Fire CM Now recommendation. :laughing:


Slow down and catch your breath.

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hold fans accountable? There are still 40-50K going to games. to watch the worst team we have EVER fielded, get completely destroyed by a bad MSU team. What is your beef with the fans? what are we supposed to do?

I’ll be back in the S endzone club seats next week, expecting us to lose at home to WKU. but I’ll be there.



There’s plenty of blame to go around!
Chad Morris is responsible for bringing in Hicks and Starkel. That’s his most glaring mistake. Then playing both of them after they failed to win a game or the job without trying to play JSJ or KJ!
He seems a bit arrongant and frustrated but it’s his fault. The talent level on the team overall isn’t his fault. That goes on CBB and Long!
There’s no quick fix and more embarrassing beat downs will happen!
I have no idea what will be done but he better find a way to motivate the hogs!

Morris got rid of Brett’s team the majority of the guys are Morris’s players so don’t blame anyone except Morris for the talent level. Dudley has even said that this team is worse than last year which is saying a lot!

No disrespect for you and the thousands of loyal die hard fans that still make the games and have unwavering support.

I was making a point that someone should be fired now. We are in this situation in part because of some fan’s strong beliefs that Petrino had to be fired, we had an AD that responded in kind; we got a coach that had a new style that was called for my few vocal fans wanting to run the football over the likes of Alabama / LSU. It has been 8 years we have new AD and yet another failed attempt to replace Petrino. If HY can’t fire Chad Morris he should be fired now. You can fire fans but you can fire AD that listen to to the wrong crowd of fans.

It is just a complicated way of saying sometimes you get what you ask for. Whatever Petrino did whether you believed it merited his firing or not; should be immaterial 8 years later. Time to get the best coach back on our sidelines. I think Petrino has served his time. He is available, he would sure make things interesting these last few games.

So you want to fire a coach that went 2-10 last year and hire one that went 2-8? That doesn’t seem like progress to me.

Petrino left UL in shambles two times and UA in shambles once.

IMO, he will never be a Head Coach at a major college again,

So you believe that BP was fired based on fan input??? I don’t have the words …

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I see you are still beating your chest for Petrino. He has been long gone, he is a “has been”, and nobody wants him in AR. Get over it!

Long gone?.

Was that a play on words. No he is not; wasn’t he just speaking with LR TD club little while ago. And yes I have been trying to get over it, but with dismal losses that keep get worse year over year, I find it hard to do.

Regardless, how you doing? I guarantee you if we had 4 more wins I would be just fine.

Yes, if you wish to look at that way. I wish to hire a coach that can hit 10 wins every so often in the SEC. If we have to sacrifice some defense to do it so be it. But it does NOT have to be Petrino. But right now, can we agree to simply just fire Chad Morris? We got plenty of time for next coach. We need turnaround specialist not another 5 years of hog hell like with CBB

I honestly don’t see a quick turnaround wether we keep Chad Morris or we go a different route. Look at the lines for example. That will take at least 2 more years. I am not sure we wouldn’t be better off suffering for a couple more years with Morris much like Illinois has done with movie Smith

Your post is example of my intent when I say time to hold fans accountable along with AD. I see a quick turnaround from 0-17 with almost anybody at Head Coach. Morris should have / could have been fired last year, but he had chance to bring in more players and we have got worst (Hicks / Starkel). Chad Morris should have been fired this year after losing to San Jose State. But since he was NOT we are just dumb to continue to allow Chad Morris to run the program. He is worthless. Anyone that defends him is what I view as the real problem along with the AD that may continue to listens to the nonsense.

Write this down. Chad Morris will be fired from University of Arkansas within 4 weeks or I will walk away from my Life Membership to UA Alumni. The fact that we we continue the delay; it is reflection of Yurachek, who is slowly eroding in my mind if he can’t fix this soon. In two years of watching Chad Morris, I have seen less than a handful of plays that even looked creative, and half of those failed as they were called at the wrong time with no element of surprise. Chad may be good guy, but so was Bret, but waiting 5 years was disaster. We are not hiring a Rev / Priest or whatever is appropriate but a football coach, a simple football coach that knows X’s & Os that can win at least 5 or 6 games with the talent they inherit. You don’t say you hire someone and expect to when 3 or 4 years from now. Broyles had it right by firing Crowe after 1 game. The contrast with the AD’s since Broyles is part 2 of problem I highlight.

Fortunately, it’s opening weekend of deer season, so I’ll be in a stand, watching it on my phone. Hopefully, the reception is pretty poor. But, if it weren’t, I would be there too. I haven’t missed opening day in 25 years and I don’t intend to for what will be the worst day in Razorback football history since I was born.

I’m pretty sure the Alumni Lifetime membership is paid in full upfront. So while you may walk away, you will always be a lifetime member, unless I guess you call them and tell them to take you off the list.

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Give it up. You left this board because of your Petrino obsession. You drove other posters away from your own boards you created for the same reason. Petrino is not coming here as the HC.

1st I don’t expect to Petrino to actually come back, but I sure would be glad if he would. It was the same thing said when many did NOT think Mike Anderson would ever come back, but lo and behold he did.

I don’t get the obsession of others telling others what to give up on? It should be obvious I could care less about CBP and only about winning in SEC. CBP brought us wins like no others (Nutt withstanding) in modern day era. But many hate Nutt too. LOL

Petrino was a volatile firing that I have repeatily said has cause, but I never would have fired him. I was ot the AD so it don’t matter. But that ain’t my beef. My beef is losing, we have lost big with CBB and CCM. It only makes what CBP was able to accomplish even bigger. Regardless of who they bring in, the memory of CBP’s accomplishment will reign until some new coach dethrones. I realize it is unfortunate for those that really hated Petrino to hear from time to time, but perhaps they should consider versus asking others to give it up, may they accept the others rights to their views.