Time to get primed for Arkansas Football

Generally after the Fourth of July weekend, each year I tend to get ready for Razorback football season by watching an old game each Saturday until the new season starts. I reach into my DVD collection of old games and pick a random game and slide it into the DVD player to enjoy some good Arkansas games.

Today, I managed to pull out the old 2011 Tennessee at Arkansas game with the crazy Joe Adams punt return. I’ve not seen that game in quite a few years. It was a good draw for the the beginning of my warm-up pre-season. It’s almost noon and I’m about to start it up. Already excited even though I know the outcome.



TN game ahh yes, Joe Adams return, great play great game. I was about 10 rows up watching that unfold!

It reminds me strangely somehow that we play basketball in a month. In Spain or somewhere.

I had a horrid headache that day and stayed home. But I did watch with the sound very low. It was really exciting to see and it almost got rid of the the headache.

It was a fun game. I am eager to watch another, but will wait until next Saturday. Just wondering which one I will roll. Yes I use some old D&D dice to decide which one to watch. :slight_smile:

I have watched several YouTube replays. I am excited to watch KJ become a National name and brand.

The guy is going to be The Man.

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