Time to focus on the hated Rebels

I understand the frustration with the current coaching staff and the speculation over a possible successor. However, the time has come to win what is always the most important game of the season for some of us. One thing CBB has been able to do, is beat the cheaters from Ox-n-ford. I know they’ve still got some ill begotten speed at the skill positions, but it looks like they are experiencing some slippage in the trenches. Take away their talented QB, and this looks like an Offense we can contain. Our own Offense of course is terrible. And that was before the loss of Ragnow and Hayden. Can we somehow, someway, find a way to score 21 and win a squeaker?

The answer is simple; Run the ball. Things change if they can do that. I don’t know that they can, but that’s the way I’d try to attack them. Can they win a plain and simple throwing game? Not the right approach, probably. I think they have to focus on what frees up everything, run the ball. That requires blocking and I have not seen a lot of that. Will this line play this one for Ragnow? That would be my hope. I haven’t had a lot of hope this season, especially with that guy out. He’s not only a terrific player, but he’s a great person. He’s one of my favorite Razorbacks.

BATTLE FOR THE CELLAR…that is the catch phrase for this mega tilt.

The team I hate the most, the Mississippi Rebels, the Old Miss Rebels, the Ole Miss Rebels, the Mississippi Black Bears…the Land Sharks…possibly the stupidest nickname ever. Whatever…the game has lost its luster because Hugh Freeze is gone…Bielema has one foot in the coaching grave the other on a banana peel…both teams are not very good, and the NCAA is about to hammer the Rebs for cheating.

This game is kind of like marrying Elizabeth Taylor…after she has been married 7 other times…it is still okay, but not what you had hoped for.

This is mostly a toss up, whoever plays the cleanest game will probably win and I expect interceptions and fumbles to be a frequent occurrence along with missed tackles. One thing I’m looking forward to is seeing TJ get the ball in his hands more than once a game, heard so many good things about him, hope he stays healthy. WPS

You are correct, biggest game of year for some of us. They are down to one QB. He’s a better runner than passer so how much will OM risk by running him often. Key to game is to run the ball. But OM knows this. I figure they will sell out to stop the run, and on passing downs bring the House. They might not have to with this offensive line we have. I am not sold on Kelly yet, and am certainly not sold on Enos play calling. Our offense has done little past two games against Bama and Auburn. If we cannot beat this team then there should be no discussion among powers that be on retaining or firing this entire staff minus lunney. In fact I would turn offensive coordinator duties over to him now. I’m worried that first and second downs we run into a stacked run blitzing defense, end up w 3rd and long. At that point we are toast. Ole Miss people I know are already predicting victory. They think this is one of a few opportunities to win a league game and that we’ve thrown in the towel. Comes down to who wants it more.

I hope your wrong. We’re heading over tomorrow. Hopefully we will play with Razorback pride and secure a victory. We certainly need it.

J hawg that is absolutey funny. Banana peel.
I think Clay is right about running the ball and mixing in some quick passes.
The defense needs to get after the Ole Miss QB and not duplicate the Texas A&M mistake to sit back and let them throw.
It’s a toss up for the toilet bowl. This weekend we either have hope for this season or flush it.

This gave me a much needed laugh. Hilarious!

Unfortunately, so true.