TIME OUT: Stacey Wilkins

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … y-wilkins/

Richard, are the Hogs even going to have a chance to compete for him and Thomas?

Sure. How much? Can’t say for sure. I would say Stacey is probably more probable than Darius.

You’re still talking 17-18 year old kids so things can change so quickly.

A month ago, several were saying we had a better chance of landing Darius than Wilkins. Just shows how quick things can change. Any news on when Wilkins will visit?

At this time, I suspect it will be in the fall. Will check though.

seems to be OU bound, loving some Trent Williams and knowing the OU connection to Trent Williams speaks volumes to me. C’est la vie. Es la vida.