TIME OUT: Arkansas QB target Jacolby Criswell

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -criswell/

Am I reading this right, he would never, ever eat chocolate? I’m thinking that has to be against some international law written somewhere!

I basically live off of 3 food groups: meat, potatoes, chocolate. Thinking deeper on this, maybe it’s not surprising that I’m typing on the keyboard and he’s getting high major DI attention lol!

I was kind of surprised by the chocolate too. Get this, he said he likes white chocolate.

I got a friend who hates chocolate. He says it tastes bitter to him. I don’t mind. There is more for me.

White chocolate is pretty amazing

I hated chocolate growing up. But then I ate a small piece of chocolate pie and then had a larger piece. And haven’t quit eating it, which says a lot about my weight.