Time of year to discuss

any word on possible uniform changes for 2016.


[color=#0000FF]Scavenging from the old board, here’s a post I made on this subject in early February:[/color]

I have seen this come up as a topic on some other Hog boards. It is appropriate, because the last few years, it seems as if our “new” uniforms run in two year cycles - and this past year was year #2 for the current versions. It doesn’t have to change, but that seems to be the way it works.

A couple of things.

LOVE the chrome helmets. However, they should be reserved for “special” games - Big games that mean something. They have a lot of swag, and wearing them when we’re 3-5 and getting our doors beat in by someone just isn’t right (not that I think we’re going to have a lot of those games coming up; but you get my point). It’s like wearing a tuxedo to go eat a whopper at Burger King. BTW, same thing with the throwback 1964 replicas. Personally, I think they should wear them whenever they’re playing someone from the old SWC - TCU this year, for example. Should have worn them vs. Tech, and Texas when we played them in the Bowl.

In a related note . . . I’d expect to see a silver chrome helmet with a shiny red Hog on the sides sooner than later in A game (not regularly). And, although I absolutely HATE the while helmets (so much that I hope I NEVER see them again), I actually think the silver chrome helmets would look better with our home red jerseys than with our whites (which should always be worn with a red helmet of one kind or another).

I actually like the current uni’s. Yes, in my “perfect world” I might tweak one or two things (like, as someone said, doing away with the little “tusks” in the shoulder area and - perhaps - putting a classic hog there instead. Otherwise, I’m fine with them (again, for emphasis, without the white helmet).

Would I like to see the truly classic DMac era (2006-07) look with the two red stripes down the leg? Of course I would. But I’m realistic enough to know that even though those are clearly the best looking to me, 20 year olds today just (as a group) don’t appreciate their classic beauty and pine for something more “updated”. So, I can live with today’s uni’s as a compromise.

As a rough idea of what our silver chrome helmets might look like, here is a pic of Rutger’s lids: