Time of Possession

What’s the point of Time of Possession if it doesn’t wear down the other team, they through 94 yard touchdowns, and we can’t consistently open up running lanes?

There is no point to it unless you punch the ball in when you have a chance. That was what killed us tonight.

I have always respected LD and his posting…and he is exactly correct. . You better score TDs if it is your strategy to win time of possession

I agree. Did y’all think Austin got in on 3rd down? I thought he got in on 2nd and 3rd.

Yep and we weren’t the only ones who saw him lay the ball on the goal line.

Austin had the ball over the goal line. Apparently they called the play dead prior to that final push. You have to put it across where there is no need for replay/question.

I hear this a lot. That you have to overcome your opponent and the officials. Makes no sense to me.

In a perfect world, every play would be clear and we would dominate to the point that there are no close plays.

But, that’s not reality.

And, if you put the ball over the goalline, and it is clearly over on replay, it should be a TD.

This is the second game that TAMU has won a game in which they received very fortunate review decisions at the goalline.

They were bailed out vs UCLA too.

Is it “why” we lost? No. But it did completely change the game.

I just don’t see the point in having replay. They’re too scared and/or prideful to actually use it in a beneficial way. It’s a joke.

I’m the poster child for grumbling about SEC officials. With that being said it looked to me like Austins forward progress was stopped (and I assume the whistle was blown) before he crossed the goal line. The Aggies filled every gap and pushed back our O-Line on that play (and the others).

Overall I felt the game was called fairly.

How was his forward progress stopped if he spun and lunged forward and extended the ball 1-2 yards? The whistle wasn’t blown. He wasn’t stacked up.

But, the officiating was OK. I’m just tired of replay in every sport–the whole “must have indisputable evidence” until they reverse one that doesn’t have it and you are left confused.

Just get rid of it.

The TD AA scored against TCU to win the game he was stopped 2 yards shy of the. Stopped dead in his tracks, no whistle, then moved to the right just enough to get in, no replay, We won.

Last night just as he was stopped, again no whistle, he spun and put the ball on or over the goal line as he was falling, a typical football move by any offensive player to keep going forward. But we don’t get the call. Instant replay is a 50/50 crap shoot in the SEC. I don’t blame the officials for this loss, and that TD may not have saved us considering our other blunders in the RZ and otherwise, but we usually don’t get any love from the officials anytime either.

Refs coming in from the side didn’t think the ball got over in real time. This is important, because that’s where the “indisputable evidence” comes in; they have to be absolutely certain the call made on the field is wrong. So we see the replay that AA put the ball on the line. So far so good. What we did NOT see on the replay is when his knee was down. Because you couldn’t see when the knee was down, they couldn’t say that the call was absolutely wrong, that the ball broke the plane before his knee hit the turf. That play cried out for the camera attached to the goal line pylon. They didn’t have it.

TOP don’t mean squat if you’re kicking field goals and the other team is scoring touchdowns (although Auburn is quite happy today without scoring a TD at all), or if you turn the ball over three times inside the opponents’ 10.

I also thought our defensive effort in the fourth quarter was substandard. Furthermore, I thought the targeting call on Coley was a turning point. Before that, we were controlling them. Afterward, they were running wild. Was Coley making that much of a difference himself? Not sure.

I think the targeting (Which I thought was legit) was the turning point. It impacted our depth when we couldn’t afford it. It also gave aTm confidence. That was a dagger play and we blew it.

Got to score when you are at the goal line. Touchdowns have to happen. I thought they could have thrown it down there and they did get penalties on pass calls a couple of times.