Time is running short

Sitting back, listening, reading, the more I think about it the more irritated I get. My first question is who exactly is running the show up there. Is it the chancellor? System president? Board of trustees? All of the above? It’s apparent someone or a few thought Malzahn would come home regardless. Not the case. Don’t know who those people are but we seem to have no backup plan available. They got egg on their face. Interim ad? She stepped in it during her second press conference. Looks to me like we got a bunch of Indians and no chief. Sounds like a bunch of kids screaming mine, mine. Early signing period is probably already shot other than the kids that want to go to school up there. Great job whoever is in charge. My personal favorite is Norvell, but we’re dragging our feet and no telling who we will end up with. Sounds to me like we’ve just turned into auburn. I want this, I want that, I got a ton of money and I’m gonna get my way, etc. if the board hired the chancellor let him do his friggin job then hold him accountable. But he was told to fire long and he said not now. A week later he fired Long. Pressured for sure. This is not a post about whether it was right or wrong to fire him, it’s a post about letting someone run the show up there. Everyone is not going to be happy. Period. This entire fiasco make me ALMOST want to quit putting so much personal emotion behind the razorbacks. Can’t do that but it’s reaching frustration level. Get you act together whoever you are, I am tired of it.

I would advise that it’s less than 24 hours since they pitched their top target. Yes, it was Malzahn. I don’t mind at all that they tried to hire him. In fact, if you didn’t try, you would always wonder if you could. They tried.

You move forward from that. I have no problem with that. Most have no patience at all in the hiring process.

If you disagree with firing Long, that’s fine.

Ask me what I think in another week. But as far as I see it, the head coach search was done logically. They went hard after Gus. So be it. Glad all know that he’s not coming and you move on.

I had no misgivings about long being let go. My complaint is that we seemed to have done little as a backup plan as far as another coach. I didn’t mind them throwing kitchen sink at Malzahn, I do wonder why another offer is not on the table slr day and another coach hired. It’s all about recruiting and we are far behind.

Do you think Long should have been fired?

When I read Clay’s post Notorious I thought of you instantly…The way I took Clay’s post is yes both had to go, of course I could be wrong