Time for the real insider reporting to start


Now that the official hire has been made, I would like to know the details of where the search started, all of the twists and turns and how we ended with CSP. All of The Who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, why’s and how’s.

After that, I would like to know the details on the assistants and of course, the recruiting.

Lastly, would like to know of the involvement (if any) of the BOTs and PTBs.

And I would to know sooner and not after the CSP era. It seems we never hear the real stories until after the coach is no longer with the team.


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Let me put that order in sir…

Read the “Interesting Tweet” post that may give some insight on the process with Kiffin.

Sounds like the BOT & PTB trusted & allowed HY to conduct his own search & did not block him on his coaching decisions, even when BOT members were not totally on board.

Not yet Guy, only part of the truth comes out well after the dust completely settles. I am still learning things about Bret and I had a personal connection to him of sorts.

Why are people more interested in the story than the future of our program? Soap operas come in at 11 am today.

Obtaining this information to the degree you want seems very unrealistic and now irrelevant. Maybe somewhat interesting. But irrelevant since Pittman has been hired. Let’s focus on the new coach rather than how he was hired.

The information coming out & its relevancy is that we recognize that our AD did a great job in representing UofA’s best interests and that the BOT & PTB actually supported HY in his efforts to secure the best coach.

Fan base needs to understand & learn that the misinformation, negativity, & ongoing bashing of the administration & HY thru social media was unfounded and can therefore be counterproductive & damaging to Arkansas athletics.

I never dive into it because you never get the unfiltered truth. You get bits and pieces. Really don’t have time for it.


I completely agree hawgjawbend. Time to move forward and give Pittman the respect and support he deserves! Why people want to dwell on the past and whatever negatives that may bring up is beyond me. I don’t care whether CSP was our first choice or fourth choice. I see an outstanding individual who truly wants to be here and take advantage of the opportunity he has been given!

Not dwelling on the past but understanding what we did, right or wrong, & learning from that - including a fan base learning to not jump to conclusions & negatively overreacting to every rumor & hearsay. Based on the information, we did this right & made a great choice with CSP.