Time for the neutral site A+M game to end...

and become a home game in Fayetteville every other year, in my view. I got my ticket package and parking pass stuff today and was disappointed. We have three SEC home games this year…Auburn, Mississippi State and Missouri…not exactly the big name SEC teams. Our non-conference schedule is just plain sorry. With attendance declining for the Razorbacks and the entire NCAA football landscape, it would help us ticket buyers if we could have a solid schedule every year, not just every other year.

I would much rather play a home and home with A+M at Fayetteville and Kyle Field. I know that neutral site deal is about money and recruiting, but what about the fans and the ticket buyers, especially the season ticket buyers? We have to buy those overpriced Dallas game tickets and drive to Dallas to see that game. It is an away game. After buying season tickets and giving to the Razorback Foundation, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay some more money for a game which should be in my package. I have never gone to see that neutral site game and probably never will.

Since we had to give up a game in Little Rock, why can’t we add one back to Fayetteville…a nice matchup with the Aggies? They were a pretty big rival back in the SWC. I believe it would help ticket sales and donations. We might even be able to beat the Aggies if we could get them at home. We used to have A+M’s number back in the SWC and it was a nice rivalry. Since they joined the SEC, the tables have been turned.

Jerry Jones was so great to us to help us get that game started, but we must consider our options. All things change at some point, and I think a change is needed in the schedule. Clay, Dudley, anyone? We know A+M wants out of this contract. That is about the only reason I think we maybe should not agree to stop the game, because the Aggies want to. I’ll put on my bulletproof vest and await the replies.

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I totally agree Jhawg. My friends and I pay a lot of money for our seats in Razorback stadium and this year we have two SEC games in Fayetteville. I know that the powers that be want a game at Jerry World for recruiting , etc, but it makes no sense to play a conference opponent there. Lets move the upcoming Okie State games there and maybe make it an annual event. We would have that game for Texas recruiting and that would fulfill the requirement to play a non conference power 5 opponent yearly.

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in part because the head coach and his staff are actually recruiting Texas again, it is good for the program’s publicity and because this year is an outlier.

I mean next season you have 7 home games in Fayetteville, including Alabama, LSU and Tennessee all in October as well as Ole Miss in November.

I do, however, fully understand your points about being a fan

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I see both sides. However, I think Dudley’s point is the most important one. It helps recruiting in Texas. I remember when there were only 3 games in Fayetteville & 4 in LR. 6 or 7 games in Fayetteville is plenty. If we stop playing in LR (and we probably will within the next 10 years), we’ll have 7 or 8 home games in Fayetteville. We can afford to make one of those a Dallas game.

I don’t think it matters, though. A&M won’t renew it. We’ll have to find someone else, perhaps another P5 opponent, to play in Dallas.

I’ll bet you anything you wish, that the aTm series will be back on campus after 2024. It won’t matter if we wish to continue it, aTm won’t agree again, there’s no carrot of moving the LSU game this time.

Remember that Michigan and Missouri were once going to be part of the Fayetteville schedule this year; Michigan as the season opener and Missouri as the finale. When Michigan backed out that changed the feel of the home schedule pretty dramatically.

I think it’s safe to say both teams want it to be home and home at this point. One could have made the argument that the game was a win for Arkansas to have a yearly game scheduled in Texas (Dallas) recruiting wise. But both teams are feeling the burn of losing a home game every other year now.

As mentioned, this arrangement made sense when we first scheduled the game while A&M was in the Big 12. Since then I believe Jerry negotiated to have an initial home and home for the first two seasons that A&M joined the SEC (in 2012 and 2013) but then renewed the decade long arrangement starting in 2014.

I still think it is a good idea to play an OOC game down there. Just not the Saggies. IMO

In a perfect world, A&M would be home and home with a permanent game in Jerry’s world that rotated the B12 schools or old SWC schools.

Why do we continually want to take away home games?

This is an idea that I’ve floated in the past - to take A&M home and home and then set up a rotation of “regional” games at Jerry World - say, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU (neither Texas nor OU would be interested because they already play each other in Dallas every year). All of those schools have significant fan bases in and close to the DFW area.

The original plan made sense at the time, but since the Aggies joined the SEC we’d have one game in Texas every other year anyhow (if we played them home and home). Maybe we only play a non-conference game in JW on the years when we don’t play the Aggies on the road? That way, the game wouldn’t be every year, and having a variety of opponents would freshen the appeal of the game as well. Arkansas fans DO like coming to DFW for a game - but variety helps and making it every other year would help too.

The problem with making this kind of change is that we’re kind of being painted into a scheduling corner already with all of the games that HY has recently signed/announced for the next several years. So, I expect that when the current contract expires in a few years, we’ll just revert to home and home with A&M and there won’t be a game to replace it in Arlington, UNLESS someone like Oklahoma State (already on our schedule) agrees to move the game there.

I get what you’re saying, but let’s not forget that we have both a rich recruiting territory that we covet AND a huge “remote” base of Razorback fans in the DFW area. It makes sense to play there at least some of the time for both purposes. But it doesn’t need to be every year.

Notice that HY has taken note of this concept and it is reflected in the scheduling he has recently announced that includes games at both Memphis and Tulsa in years to come.


From what I understand, ATM desperately wants to end the current agreement and return to a Home and Home series. However, I agree with DD on this 100%. With the severe lack of Arkansas home grown D1 talent, UA is required to recruit out of state…with Texas the best option. The annual presence at Dallas has to help our recruiting under CCM.

When the current agreement ends (2024?), hopefully the UA will devise a new plan of maintaining a high quality annual presence at Texas.

I’m just not sure that matters very much. We’re on TV every week, we also recruit Houston which is about as far from Dallas as Fayetteville is (thus playing in JerryWorld ain’t gonna help us much down there). Maybe I’m wrong and it’s a big deal. But other schools recruit Texas well who don’t play games in Texas.

I would rather see a 1 for 2 against the Rainbow Warriors in Honolulu. :smiley:

The main thing I want to change is which team is winning. I am good with the game being held on the moon if we start winning it.


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I didn’t think we could host recruiting visits for neutral-site games. Can someone educate me on the rules there? If not, I don’t see how it helps in recruiting.

IIRC, this was appealed a few years ago and we were granted the ability to host in years that we are designated the home team in Arlington. The loophole may be because this is an SEC game - not sure.

Unless we start beating A&M, (and the old days of we have A&Ms number have been over for awhile) I don’t think we have a recruiting gain. Kids from Texas watching that game from home or the sidelines are going to think…I’d like to be playing for the winner…with the loud supportive crowd (A&M fans do show up).

I’d rather have wizards idea of another big 12 opponent in Dallas if we need to play a game there for recruiting. Texas recruits, in their backyard, non SEC school opponent, hopefully bigger Arkansas crowd.

Having said all that I default to Morris and crew as to what works in recruiting.

aTm sells about the same amount of tickets as we do, at best the split has been 55-45 Aggies.

I’ll leave that discussion up to the experts about the recruiting value of playing A/M at Jerry’s place, the same experts that said A/M coming into the SEC would really lift our recruiting abilities in Texas…

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