Time for some positive energy toward the kids

Reading some quotes this morning on this site made me sad.

When Ragnow and Agim both reference the fact that the kids themselves feel how down on “them” the fanbase is, that is not a positive thing.

I know many fans are “mad”…but I also know the season is young.

I know its “normal” for fanbases to become radioactive when their team is underperforming. Today’s society is what it is. A negative, bitch alot and expect instant results society. I can’t change it. But that doesn’t make it a good thing. Some us can and should try to counterbalance that energy.

So…any Hog players that actually reads this board…or parents of players…please relay that there are plenty of us out here that still have hope…and still have positive energy toward this team. Saturday can still be a great day.

Go Hogs Go.

Amen, good post, Let’s go Hogs !! WPS

The big change from “back in the day” is the instant access players, fans and coaches have on social media. Clay alluded to the fact that folks roasted Coach Broyles and players back then but typically in coffee shops and around the water cooler. After a heartbreaking loss to Texas in WMS fans said horrible things to Coach Hatfield and the players as they left the field.

I feel for our players. They work hard and want to win more than any of us. They deserve our support even when they screw up. But that is not the way it works unfortunately.

These kids choose to become Arkansas Razorbacks. Thanks to each of you for choosing the Hogs! WPS