Time for Ole Missus

The best way to get rid of this taste is to sweep OM. That’s doable this year.

I’m ready to concede the SEC title to Tenn, but I want win the west. We have 4 difficult series in front of us. Not likely to win all of them, but a sweep of OM would help


Yep. Win the West, then beat TN in the SEC Tournament would make me happy.
I try not to hate anyone, except for Vlad Pukin and anyone who abuses women, children, the elderly, or dogs. (Oops, that is redundant.) But, when it comes to the University of Mississippi Rebel Black Bear Antebellum Confederates, my hate meter needle starts moving.
I don’t want to just sweep them this weekend, I want the Hawgs to embarrass them, make them quit, and get on the bus back to Oxford in the middle of game #3.
I think I need to seek some counseling.


It would take Auburn winning the series this week for me to think any team can catch Tennessee.

At this rate the Vols might have the conference title locked up with a week or two left in the season.

Let’s not forget Landshark Flopnecks

Forgot those names. Flopnecks is currently the best name for them. And, they will be floppin’ again this year.

HY should put something else besides “Ole Miss” on the scoreboard when they come to town this fall. That is not the name of the school they represent. Depending on how many characters are available on the scoreboard, it should be Mississippi, UMiss, or Miss. I would put “Visitor” on the board for that team, unless we also use other monikers like Bama, State, Mizzou, Carolina, etc.

Should put Hogs and Rebnecks

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Just beat ole miss in anything. Team I dislike most.

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