Time for Mike to go

Totally dominated. March used to be fun. Anderson is not the answer

yep I have seen enough of this unsound basketball SR team looking like this!! horrible job CMA!!!

That ain’t gonna happen sir…shame on you for even harboring such thoughts!

Don’t think that but he has to make some changes on his bench and bring in some offensive minds… Its been up and down all year long…

Anderson will be the coach for the foreseeable future, but we will never be a SEC/NCAA championship team. We will win games but never compete for a championship.

It’s time for him, that fraud Melvin Watkins, and the rest of them to pack their bags and leave. I got blasted for saying he wasn’t the coach for us, but al I can say is that we got EMBARRASSED AGAIN on national tv.

It’s time for MA to go.

And not only did we lose badly, we got out coached by a first year coach. Pathetic.

I would give him a pass for next year bc we will depend so heavily on freshman. But if we don’t make a decent run in 2020 then it’s time. I like Mike. I have criticized the team at times during games but he’s taken us back to March at least. And the crowds are back at Bud But this was a poor showing on all accounts. The conference is only getting better, I hope we don’t get left behind.

While I don’t think CMA should be fired, I am questioning how he coached this particular game. Season on the line, why aren’t Thompson and Gafford on the court at the same time? Why is Beard getting significant minutes (for four years, actually)? A lot of questions can be made over this particular game, but this team deserved better than a 7 seed and Butler certainly deserved better than a 10. This game should have been a second-round matchup, not a first round.

Mike isn’t going anywhere.

But has a lot to explain about a first round blow out loss to a mediocre NCAA team.

Not a buzzer beater. A blow out.

That was not North Carolina as an opponent.

D was horrendous.

If this program is committed to D they way it was during Sutton and Richardson, it did not show today.

Fire CMA are you serious, they just gave him a extension and a raise! Looks to me that the powers to be are happy with mediocrity and satisfied with being one of the best 64 teams in the country! :smiley:

I am sick of this style of basketball and see NO reason why the AD can’t tell Mike changes have to be made in style. Mike dominated the bench coaching and the assistants are not very involved. Mike dominates like Nolan did but doesn’t Nolan’s expertise while the game has changed away from this style. Mike is stubborn and I don’t think he will bring in coaches that are NOT yes men. I think our only hope is that the AD says the style and scheme have to change.

Why are some of you so scared to say a thing about Mike yet you will blame the players for everything? Get ready for the same 5-10 posters that brow beat everyone that says ANY thing critical about Anderson. The same 5-10 posters blame the players for all of the problems and NEVER admit that the defense and offense do not work ALL the time in today’s basketball. The same 5-10 are a hair trigger away from an excuse for their sacred cow coach. This blind fanship leads to downward trending program so we better hope the new players are good enough to overcome the weak coaching next year.

Let’s see if the big-money boys will apply the same standards to Mike Anderson that they did to Bielema and Jeff Long. I cannot imagine they approve of this crappy basketball. It is an absolute joke, in light of what should be the expectations. Mike can’t really recruit, can’t develop players, and very rarely wins big games. Two tournament wins in seven years is really telling. I know Clay, Dudley and the other mods like Mike. I’m sure the man is nice and all. Probably runs a clean program, mostly. But there has to be more emphasis on winning. This one and done in the NCAA tournament is absolutely repulsive.

This is what I think is interesting about the BB and JL backlash. All Mike has to do is use different styles instead of over-committing to his outdated style.

But Clay and Dudley will not be negative about the program, because their media credential will not be renewed. They’d never get another interview. It’s almost as bad as Rick Schafffer.

As poor a coaching performance as I’ve witnessed in my 50 years as a Hog fam

I hope the apologists are proud of themselves for perpetuating mediocrity. The media and the apologists are no different in the sacred cow treatment of Mike. The apologists are SO busy telling us how we are stupid and that guys like Notorious, PJ and especially Blu are the only ones that know basketball and the only ones that have a TRUE opinion- Mike is the greatest coach ever and we can’t get anyone half as good as MIke.

I’m sure there is comfort with the familiarity. Dudley and Clay are familiar with Mike, and he’s familiar with them. I’m sure Mike trusts them. But you know what gets more subscriptions than anything? Winning athletic teams. Winning creates fan interest, and fan interest breeds subscriptions to magazines and message boards. It’s a simple as that. This crappy athletic program is a drain. It’s an emotional drain on fans, and a financial drain as well. It’s absolutely horrible, bordering on fraudulent. Horribly managed. Horribly marketed. Maybe Hunter Yurachek will see the light. Sure hope so.

How soon we forget. We had other coaches and they were horrible. Mike Anderson brought the program back to life. This program brings and exciting style of play. Yes at time he frustrates me like today but overall I like the JUICE in our program. When you don’t have multiple 5 star recruits every year the tournament is just a matter of if you are playing at your peak our not–SEE ARIZONA

Stan Heath
John Pelphrey
Mike Anderson

I’ll take Mike.