Time for Gates to be the DH or Mcfarland

either way Bonfield has got to go he is not aggressive and is an automatic out right now almost and you can’t have that in the 4 hole.I think Gates is the better 1B so I would go with him and keep Mcfarland as DH

I don’t know what the problem with Bonfield is, but I’ve gotten to the point where I dread seeing him bat. I know he has potential & I know he hit well last year. Maybe they can work with him once we get back to Fayetteville & correct whatever it is that he’s doing or is afraid of doing. He sure seems to take some awfully good early pitches.

Gates has a groin injury and isn’t running at 100 percent. That is why he is being used sparingly right now.

Bonfield takes too many pitches!! always has…he is never going to be a great hitter(he basically he is an arms swinger) but he could be do much better if he was ready to hit when he got in the Box!! he needs to hitting 9th if he plays he is our worst hitter right now him and Koch.