Time for AR vs FSU to go to College Cup in soccer

If we can substitute Podojils being our analytics in game stars then we can realistically win, last game our top 3 in game players per InStat (kind of like PFF):

for comparator purposes, FSU has the 5 best InStat players in the last match. Weather is nice, upper 60’s and cloudy with a little wind off the Gulf. Just right for pressing and pressing with chaos.

Bama beat Duke 3-2 in overtime last night (don’t think they wanted to avoid the Iron Bowl, do ya?). They’ll be in the College Cup.

UNC @ Notre Dame will be at the same time as our game; Virginia @ UCLA is later tonight.

FSU hired its coach from Tennessee last year, so he and Colby have seen plenty of each other.

So far Hogs are keeping it in the FSU end. Just had a dangerous free kick that we couldn’t quite redirect at the far post.

Both teams have had shots go over the bar but still scoreless after 25 minutes.

Grace Barbara made a point-blank save in the last two minutes of the half. Noles put on a lot of pressure late but no score before intermission. 0-0, 45 minutes to decide who goes to Cary.

Florida State scores on a corner kick in the 53rd minute. It was an own goal; Bryana Hunter bumped it into the net. 1-0 Noles.

A few seconds later we had to head one off the line or it would have been 2-0 Noles.

The goal was an absolute howler. Had CBs there and in position and just didn’t deal with it.

Yep. Hunter was there to clear it and shanked it into the net instead.

Bea Franklin got smashed in the face with an elbow. Ref went over to check video but no yellow or red card given. I pretty much agree. Inadvertent elbow.

Noles win 1-0. Season over.

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Didn’t see the elbow in the replay, looked more like a shoulder blade. Certainly inadvertent with Bea coming forward as the FSU when backward and the immovable object being her nose. A very physical match. Some may disagree but I felt Barabra played a heck of a match. We seemed to be the early aggressor with FSU moving more into an offensive position of control by the end of the first period. FSU did a good job in defending and taking control in the second period. I look forward to seeing the new players and new recruits in 2023.

I thought she did too. She had no chance when Hunter put it in her own net from 6 inches. We gave the Noles absolutely all they wanted, and did a great job not giving up more goals when we were pushing forward trying to get the equalizer.

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They’ll get over the hump soon enough. Coach has built a program here. I didn’t realize how good FSU has been recently until they were talking about it during the game. They have been in 16 of the last 18 elite 8s, 4 of the previous 5 college cups, the last two title games, & are the defending national champions.

We gave them all they wanted and lost on a flukey own goal. Hate that for the seniors but looking at the talent coming it’s onward and upward for the soccer team.

We didn’t come anywhere near scoring a goal against FSU. We had trouble scoring all season against good teams come to think of it. We did manage to score a couple against Memphis, a good team. We played great defense against FSU, but it was only a matter of time before they scored once. Once was going to be enough.

We had several dangerous crosses into the box, if we’d gotten a head or a foot to one of those we certainly could have scored. But as they say, if ifs and buts were candies and nuts we’d all have a merry Christmas.

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