Time for a Reality Check

Tis a vicious game we choose to play. Historically we are confronted with some of the most determined names in the game. I entered this game in the 50’s. Ole Miss was a major player then. For you that do not understand their fans, they have not forgotten. They still live in that time.

Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and even Ole Miss and Miss St will pay or due whatever it takes. Texas A&M is a giant waiting to happen. If any of those get desperate and need to lie or cheat; well you know the answer to that. Alabama’s dominance will fade, but it only makes the others more desperate until then.

On the other side of the conference, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee will all do what ever it takes to be dominant.

Just wondering. This is not the 60’s any more. This game has changed big time. By my count, there are 10 teams in this league paying big money to win, and many of those will cheat if needed. What do you realistically expect? Should we be expected to cheat more if we are at all, or should we be forced to pay more? What is the answer? I fear our expectations were once too high in this league. I just want all the above teams to fear playing us. That is all I ask.

I agree with your observations. I have no idea what the remedy for us might be. We need to hire the right coach. That means we have to get lucky. There’s just no way to be certain beforehand we’ve done it. CBB looked like a great hire. So did BP & Danny Ford. Nutt was an unproven “up & comer.” Nobody hires a coach they think will fail. As you correctly point out we’re now competing with several who will pay huge money & can offer great facilities & recruiting bases.

Gonna be hard.

Speaking of ole miss, I grew up in eastern Arkansas and that’s all you heard on Memphis radio and in Memphis papers. Ole Miss and Tennessee. Some Memphis State in football, mostly basketball. Both fan bases arrogant but Ole Miss the worst. Despise them as much as Texas. They are about the get what’s coming to them. They hired Luke because no one in their right mind would take that job unless they got a very long term contract w a very hefty buy out. The Tennessee situation is a fiasco. Serves the right. Still hold a grudge for the Preston Watts liberty bowl screwing we got. The four so called leading candidates we have, well I have my favorites but it’s not my decision. Appears on the surface the SEC championship game might be a determining factor in who our coach might be. We shall see

Just pray that Tennessee doesn’t end up with B. Petrino. I’d think, with their tradition as a platform, he could and probably would win BIG there.

And . . . I wonder if A&M might come calling on him if Jimbo doesn’t work out, for one reason or another? That’s another place I’d hate to see him land.