Time for a batting line up change?

Ezell’s batting .161 in SEC play. Somehow, got to get him going again. Casey and Kerstadt have been getting on recently, but Ezell has been unable to execute behind them. Couldn’t even get a bunt down.
Goodheart to lead-off - Seeing the ball great - also 6 walks
Casey to 3rd - starting to hit with power
Ezell to 5th or 6th, until he starts seeing the ball again (get him some contacts?)

I don’t know yet! It’s still a little early. If I was going to change something it would be Ezell to the 5 hole behind Goodheart! Just move Fletcher and Goodheart up to 3 and 4. I wouldn’t go nuts and panic yet!

I’m kind of shocked he’s not hitting the ball well I know he’s a better left-handed hitter than right-handed hitter but I never thought he would be slumping this bad his stroke is so pure it may be taking too many pitches.

Van Horn said today that he will change the lineup for tomorrow night. He didn’t say what he’s going to do, but I get the sense that Kjerstad and/or Martin will drop some. Maybe Trevor Ezell will bat leadoff because of his ability to get on base.

I would definently be in favor of hitting Ezell leadoff b/c getting on base is his mentality.He will get out of this slump and be a good tablesetter I think. Martin would be a good #3 hitter IMO b/c he is a power hitter and I think he is about to break out very soon.

The weird thing is, when someone talks of a lineup change, they usually mean benching someone. Right now, I can’t think of anyone you would bench. I’m not exactly thrilled with either of our catchers, but Opitz still has an OBP close to .425!

I think this lineup change is simply to change the mojo. No one is playing outstanding (aside from maybe Fletcher and Goodheart), but no one is playing awful either. Really a strange situation.

Van Horn has said many times he wants a catcher that can play defense, and any offense is just a bonus. He said today that Opitz is playing defense as well as any catcher he has ever had, including James McCann. He’s not coming out of the lineup in SEC play, maybe with the exception of a series in which Arkansas is ahead 2-0 going into the finale.

Plunkett will start the game against UALR tomorrow night. I suspect you’ll see him start most, if not all, midweek games for the rest of the season to give Opitz some time off.

One of the other changes I think you will see in the lineup is a move with Christian Franklin. He has been a great RBI man not typical of a number nine hitter. I do not like him there, nor do I like a home run guy (Casey Martin) leading off. I would rather see him third or fourth. Let Ezell lead off. He is not going to swing at the first pitch off the plate like Casey.

I agree about moving Franklin up maybe put him in the 7th spot. I have always wanted Ezell to lead off because that’s his mentality is to get on base… Martin will never be a leadoff type hitter he swings too hard and has poor plate discipline.I think with a few tweaks to the lineup we could be much more effective and dangerous.