Time change for Saturday

From Bobby Smittle:

:rotating_light: ATTENTION! :rotating_light:
:baseball: SATURDAY’S BASEBALL :baseball:
First pitch now 11AM

What’s the reason? Weather maybe?

The LSU hoops game is at 1 PM, but with reduced attendance at both venues that shouldn’t be an issue as far as parking, etc. TV considerations?


Overlap with basketball worse than original

And colder likely

Also remember the SEC track meet is going on there as well

That may also be a factor but it’s not like we haven’t known we had SEC track for a long time. And there is no attendance at track.

Could be weather, NWS says increasing chances of rain after 1 p.m.

We’re in a severe weather risk for Saturday pm, I imagine doing it to ensure we get the game in.

They finally got around to posting it, but you read it here first.

Yes I didn’t mean that had anything to do with the time change.
Just responding to the reference about traffic congestion with multiple events

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