tim horton...

saw where tim horton has been reassigned to an off field position at auburn…any one know the reason why?thought he was a solid recruiter/position coach.

His boss is Gus. Enough said. I feel sorry for Tim, he is a good guy. Hopefully he will find another gig soon! Good luck to him!

I wish CCM would find an opening to use his talents on the hill. I know I wouldn’t go to work and put up with Gus.


He put some of Aub RB’s in the NFL.

Never have understood the love for Horton as RB coach - the coaches since him at RB were considerably better, at least most of them. Hard to not put RBs in the NFL when you are recruiting elite recruits.

Always have felt his last name has interfered with people’s evaluation of his skill around UA. No offense to those who know the family well as I have no reason to think they are anything but upstanding people.

I am sure that Tim will be back at the UA in some capacity down the line - maybe admin

Tim said in his conversation with Gus this came as a total surprise. He asked Gus why and Gus really couldn’t give him a reason. He still doesn’t know why he was reassigned.

He couldn’t count past 4, i.e., the number of games you can play and still redshirt. Someone had to be thrown under the bus for the mistake, so it was the position coach.

If Tim went to work for the Foundation and worked over there like his Dad, that would be a really good thing.


Because he has been a long-time friend back to his college days and we talk.

He loves Arkansas - the state and the school.

Which can be said about a lot of former players and alumni. Wanting to come back, and being offered the opportunity are two different things, the crux comes in the timing.

Tim Horton was replaced as running backs coach by Cadillac Williams.

Ok. How about I believe if the opportunity arises that Tim would love to be back in Arkansas and within the program in some capacity.

I think Gus did give Tim some reasons but they didn’t make any sense. I do not think anyone at Auburn believes him. The new coach is a minority promotion. Enough said.

I’m sure he’d jump on the opportunity if it occurs.

That sounds like the just of it Clay.

Don’t think anyone at Auburn believes who? Gus or Tim?

Tim needs to come back to AR where he belongs.

Just make a note of where all the skeletons are hidden at Auburn before he comes home. :wink:

Which was called “Volkswagen” Williams before he signed with Auburn out of high school…