Tim Horton

I didn’t hear it direct, but did anybody listen to press row, Grant Hall said Tim Horton a Candidate,unbelieveable if true.

no HC experience and unless I’m mistaken no coordinator experience. I like Tim, but I think we can do better. If not, I jumping back on my “holy crap, what has the BOT done?” rant.

I listened to the show. He was talking about Tim as head coach and Lashlee as OC. The thought is that those two plus Lunney would be able to dominate recruiting in Arkansas and that Lashlee knows Gus’ offense very well.

I’m thinking that might be Plan D or E.

oh my lord we are in deep crap if this is remotely being discussed.

It really does not take much to dominate Ark recruiting, now Houston area bring it on

I live outside Houston and they have the biggest HS football players I have ever seen



Dominate Arkansas recruiting? You mean get all the SEC recruits from Arkansas? Don’t we pretty much do that now and always?

With all due respect to the show, I’d hate to think we have to get 3 coaches from Arkansas to dominate recruiting in this state. Obviously we need one Arkansan on staff, hopefully one with good ties to the Ark HS coaches, but no more than that–at least not for that reason.

I think people make up scenarios just to talk about.

I liked CTH and hated he went to Auburn. I understand he didn’t have much choice about leaving. But he went to that cesspool on the plains. I understand CTH is a really good guy but have often wondered how he stomached the “Aubren ways”.

I started to mention Tim if we are considering assistant coaches. He knows Arkansas. Played and coached here. Comes from a legacy family. We could do worse. I am not sure we are going to get a top head coach to come here.


Wow, y’all might want to read what Clay had to say in his State of the Hogs: Division Shakeup opens the door