Tim Horton

At least one report has Tim Horton as a candidate to become head coach at Appalachian State, which just lost Scott Satterfield to Louisville.

Horton was an assistant at App State for nine seasons.

They would be getting a good one.
Quality person from a quality family.

I hope that happens.

One of the best dudes around.

Matt or Dudley I would like to see an article written the expounds on the positives the University has to offer the student- athlete. It is time to let last season be last season and move on to the future of the program. Having coached and worked in the classroom for 50 years I quickly learned to dwell on the negative will usually give the negative result you focused on.

Grew up with Tim…great dude who deserves his shot at the head of the table over a program. I truly hope he gets it!

I hope so for him and for Ark. instate recruiting in future.

Tim loved his time there.

I was around Tim at USAFA. Boy I’d be tickled to see this happen.

as an aside not related…I saw on the news that a Dean at this school wants to change Freshmen to Freshmores

I was hoping this thread was involving his new position as Offensive Line coach at the University of Arkansas… yes I’m aware im beating a dead horse but the coaching & recruiting at that position seems to be this teams BIGGEST weakness by a mile.
$400,000.00 a year for $10 results

Tim’s never coached offensive line. It’s always been running backs or wide receivers. Not that he couldn’t, necessarily, but I’m not too thrilled with a position coach learning on the fly at an area which has given us so much trouble.

Dumb question, but has anyone ever offered Shawn Andrews, or maybe looking at Jason Peters (I think he’s done after this year). I know they’re players and not coaches, but Marc Colombo has seemed to turn around Dallas’ offensive line troubles. I know it’s different between college and pros, but has AR or any staff ever considered asking?

Last thing I can find about Andrews, a USA Today story from 2013, he had moved back to Arkansas (somewhere) and was thinking about becoming a standup comic. What’s happened in the intervening five years, no idea.

Shawn used to post a lot about the earth being flat and other “theories “.

Shawn and I grew up in South Arkansas. It looks pretty flat to me… :wink:

Are you saying offer it to a couple guys who have never coached in their lives simply because they played in the NFL? If that’s your standard then of course Fry played in the NFL is well

Appalachian State reportedly will hire Eliah Drinkwitz, an Alma native who most recently has been the offensive coordinator at North Carolina State.

The dislike is strong with you on Fry.

Hope he’s changed your mind a bit with getting Cunningham away from Oklahoma and adding Nwanna - two of the nation’s top 10 junior college offensive linemen.

I would think that Jason Peters would want a break after his career.

As for Shawn, I don’t think that would be a fit at all.