Tim Horton.....question for Clay....

Would be a great addition to the new staff (which seems to be certain). I’m not opposed to him being hired as HC but certainly should be considered for OC & assistant HC by the new coach. My question for Clay (and other mods) is about the no-compete clause in typical contracts allow to move to a SEC school for a co-ordinator position. I’m sure it allows a move to HC.

Clay mentioned Tim would have an interest in the HC job.

Anyone have thoughts/comments on this?

I have not mentioned that Tim would have an interest in the head coach job. I haven’t made any comments on anything like that. And, have no idea on Tim’s thoughts. I have not talked to him in quite some time. I do not know what Tim’s contract at Auburn might be, or whether he would be considered. Most contracts do not prevent an assistant from becoming a head coach anywhere. There are no agents that would write a contract like that.

First, I would bet the farm on Tim Horton not becoming the next head coach. That’s not a knock on Tim, who I think is a good man and good coach, but he is not going to be Jeff Long’s pick when the job comes open.

Second, Arkansas’ no-competes are waived if an SEC team offers a step up. So for instance, a coordinator would be allowed to become an SEC head coach and a position coach would be allowed to become an SEC coordinator.

Opps…I thought I read something to that affect. Anyway…I like Tim and think he would be a good fit back here. But I’m not advocating he is hired as a HC yet.

My bad.