Tim Brando

So the Tide schedule was soft? And Clemson a A&M game was tighter.

Mercy where does that leave us?? Come on down and PLAY!! AAHHHH NO THANKS

Something else, WE can’t beg a transfer QB to come here? IF it’s status quo I give up. Let our BB play. He’s is better by far, and yet not sure and SEC QB.

SO WE SUCKS that bad. I don’t drink but the Rose colored glasses have just ruined 55 years of my life, sorry… Maybe the Freshman QB can play???

The cards laid out has showed us a pile of dump!!!

Anybody agree or disagree?

AND GO to 8 teams to spread out the wealth? I say get Better. No wonder people cheated over all these years…

My advice, drink heavily.

Think he did.

Wow…what was that?!

339, I’m not sure I understood everything you said in the OP, but I am sure I disagree with most of what I did understand.


Is Tim Marlon’s son?

I don’t FU#$%^&(#) Drink. DEC 14th 1990 was the last day DA. That’s 10,328 DAYs. Anybody beat that.

As to the other posters need to stop drinking.

SO GTH all of ya…

Mike Tucker

You first :lol:

I can agree with this much…Yes we sucks that bad!!