Tim Brando on SEC statement


This is blowing up in the face of the SEC replay idiots and thus the powers that be in the SEC. They need to fess up and say they screwed up the entire call.

But they won’t.

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I love this but the SEC could give a dam

They could care less about us

I’ll retract that statement when I I see the SEC front office actually actually do so thing like make the game a draw making Arkansas 1-1-1

Or better void the win completely and give both of us a loss or a win

Ok I’m a little crazy with that comment - I’m venting

I’ll try and ficus how proud I am of the team - they won that game

And I hope the SEC gets abused fir along time for its prejudice at worst and incompetence at best on this call

Now Arkansas needs to beat Ole Miss and just reinforce how bad the SEC screwed us -

What Arkansa MUST do is somehow copple together enough healthy people and a game plan to beat Ole Miss and further embarrass the SEc for how they scheduled games against Arkanss and how Officals wearing SEC on thier Sholder screwed Arkansas when it was down

Time to find a way to win and if its possible I think Coach Sam will

They don’t care. It’s an Alabama league w Alabama old guard sec jerks running it

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They were pretty bad before saban. Maybe it’s a saban league. Can’t wait til 12/5.

They will never reverse a loss into a win, even if obvious that they should, it would really open up a can of worms. I would however like to see them do it just see how that mess all goes and works out. That would be fun to watch. Great pub. It would fun to see ever team contest losses every year about something.

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Yup - your right - I was venting

Arkansas goal now is to beat Ole Miss the Razorbacks do that and the Story line will continue to be how the SEc refs screwed Arkansas out of a winning record at this point

Arkansas loses and the story line dies and Im sure the SEC front office would enjoy that

Yeah, but it’s still fun to think about.

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True - no fault in that no fault in venting

Looking on line the SEC looks bad nationally

Auburn has already dropped in the polls lol

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